Best Laser Hair Removal For Brazilian Hair

Are you looking for the Best Laser Hair Removal For Brazilian Hair? Check out what we’ve got! We are back with our reviews on best beard growth products and maintenance of beard hairs. So here we are going to be discussing on Brazilian hair removal at home. Earlier, I wrote a full guide on accessories needed for proper beard growth […]

Does Jojoba Oil Help Beard Growth?

Does Jojoba Oil Help Beard Growth? Just like other oils out there, Jojoba oil is of tremendous benefit to the beard. Extracted from the seeds of Jojoba plant, the origin of the Jojoba plant can be traced back to the southwestern United States. It can found in a few states in the United States of America. So with all the […]

Buy Beard Grooming Kits in Nigeria

Looking for beard grooming kits in Nigeria? As a man growing beard in this part of the world, there are things you should own apart from money, that is beard grooming kits in Nigeria. It is normal to think your beard hairs are growing nice and thick that you need no beard grooming kits, but do you know that leaving […]

How To Store Your Beard Products in 2020

How to Store your beard products in 2020 – Many buy beard care products that do not last. This is not due to compromise from the manufacturer’s side but that of the negligence of the users. Just like farmers care for their tools, you as a bearded man spending money on beard products must know how to care for the […]

Best Professional IPL Machines for 2020

Best professional IPL machines are dime a dozen these days. So if you’re looking to explore the best Intense Pulsed Light machine available or want to invest in a one-time machine to get rid of your hairs yourself at home, it makes sense to be picky and pick others’ brains. As a bearded man or interested in removing hairs on […]

The Differences: Castor Oil Vs Olive Oil

Castor oil Vs Olive Oil – Both are important oils when it comes to beard growth, but many are still thinking about the effectiveness. Have you been searching for differences between Castor oil and Olive oil? Then you are in the right place. Here you will be provided with information on differences between castor oil and olive oil. Are you […]