Best Travel Beard Trimmer For You In 2020

Best travel beard trimmer for you in 2019 – A beard trimmer is an invaluable equipment in every man’s grooming kit. It is nothing but people telling him that facial hair would make men look more masculine and sophisticated and an electric beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining facial hair. Joining the clique of beard-gang has its sacrifice and requirements one of which is a beard trimmer. The best ones are unique and proffer a wide range of settings for conventional hair trimming and precision touching.

Do You Really Need a Beard Trimmer?

First and foremost, you got to ask yourself the question – do I really need a beard trimmer?

Chances are yes, especially if you are looking for the best one possible! But if you are going back and forth on determining if it’s worth it, there are a few things to definitely consider. First off, styling comes with constant reshaping as the hairs grow past their boundaries. For a beard gang, trimming is an inexcusable part of your new lifestyle.

Beards can be quite the trouble for most men, especially those born with hairy genes. I think every man should have the best beard trimmer or one of it in their kit whenever they travel to any place. Having a messy beard can become the endpoint of your confidence, just like having messy hair, and this is why you need to properly treat it with a beard trimmer.

Choosing the right and top best beard trimmer is never a walk in the park for most men, simply because of the fact that the barbershop seems to be their berth regularly and getting a trim instead of doing things on their own Or, it could be that they have a sensitive skin and have a hard time picking the right beard trimmer and set of blades. One very most vital grooming tools that any man with a beard should have is an electric trimmer.

Can one find trimmers on a low-cost budget but yet effective?

Yes! you can get a low-budget beard trimmer that possesses the, build essentials, cutting power and frills that you can find in higher priced premium beard trimmers.

So let’s face it guys:

Out there in the market is a neck deep of pool of beard trimmers. When trying to ascertain the best beard trimmer, you can get swallowed in endless reviews specifications and details that you could never imagine and For the love of bearding!  It’s just a beard trimmer.

So how can you cut through all of the clutters and find the best beard trimmer in 2018 that will suit you best?

Here’s a list of awesome trimmers you can choose from:

Best Travel Beard Trimmer 1 – Philips Norelco MultiGroomer MG5750/49

This beard trimmer offers a lot of features for just $32.50. It comes with nine attachments, including hair guards, beard guards and precision trimmers for ear and nose hair. It works with a lithium-ion battery that delivers an appreciable hour-long runtime, the steel blades are self-sharpening and quite washable. For those of us who prefer trimmers that are quite easy to care for, this one doesn’t require users oil the blades. This trimmer combs with multiple sharping accessories and is stylishly handy on the grip.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Best Travel Beard Trimmer 2 – Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200

This stylish trimmer can be the best substitute you’d pursue next and that can easily fulfill your beard trimming requirements because of its exceptional vacuity system so that it captures and keep hairs to offer you a sink that is hair-free. Most of the people prefer this one because it’s waterproof and it has a 2 year warranty with 45 day risk free trial, so you are not satisfied with it then you have the option of a risk free trial. It also has a powerful battery so that you can use it for up to 50 minutes by charging for only one hour. Advantages: design of ergonomic taste, Pivoting head,  and handling Cordless operation, water resistant  and with a 5 length settings. Disadvantages: user’s manual lacks clarity.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Best Travel Beard Trimmer 3 – Wahl Clipper Slate Stainless Steel Lithium

Designed in the America, this electric beard trimmer is packed in a sleek stainless steel covering and uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion 2.0 cell technology that can give you hours of trimming on just one charge. The Model Wahl Clipper 9818 comes with 4 attachments and 12 T-Blade guide combs to achieve different length trims. The blades are self-sharpening, stay sharp over years of use and the warranty is one of the longest you’ll find in the world of beard trimmers. The best feature, though? is it’s one-minute charge, three minutes of trimming time —procrastinators ideal everywhere.

Advantages: with 4 Different Attachments Heads, this beard trimmer enables you to achieve your ideal grooming style and genuine look: – with a wide T-blade for beard and mustache trimming, touch-ups, haircuts, body grooming, – Precision detailer for clean-ups and for the designs – close shaves made possible through dual Foil shaver, Self-sharpening steel blades, Long run time of 2 hours, set of guide combs, Lithium-ion battery has no self-discharge.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Best Travel Beard Trimmer 4 – Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

With this trimmer, Braun proves their excellence, that they really are the best in grooming technology. This one flags as the best trimmer of all other Braun shavers. Its features comprise a length settings of 12 different sizes (6 for beard and 6 for hair length). That is why it’s perfect for beards as well as haircuts. It has a “click – lock” system to hold the comb tightly in place for cutting using the perfect length setting for you while trimming facial hairs. The best aspect of this one is; it’s a double battery, which allows this beard trimmer to cut all types of hairs. By charging the battery for only one hour, you can use it for up to 40 minutes. This trimmer is also washable, so you can simply clean it under some running water.

Advantages: Dual voltage, 2 comb options with varying length settings, Charges batteries quickly, Washable under running water.

Disadvantages: You cannot use this trimmer while it is plugged in, after using the trimmer for a particular period the battery potential decreases and the device heats up after a short time of use.

You can check it out on Amazon here.

Best Travel Beard Trimmer 5 – Remington PG6025All in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

One of the latest addition to the grooming products from Remington, the Remington PG6025 All in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit comes with eight different trimming attachments in one single device. Considered to be fit for travel, this beard trimmer is portable thanks to it’s a pouch that is available at the time of purchase. The attachments variant for this trimmer include a foil shaver, full-size trimmer, nose trimmer, detail and ear trimmer and a hair clipper comb.

Advantages: The lithium-ion cell battery is rechargeable and durable for use, the blades are easily  cleaned under the faucet, with an 8-in-1 attachments in the devices, this makes it’s worth a buy.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Best Travel Beard Trimmer 6 – Andis T-Outliner

If you need a precision trimmer to touch-up your neck, beard and moustache, this is a solid option. Inside the heavy-duty packaging, a quiet magnetic motor runs the carbon-steel blades that are designed for years of use. Weighing  11.5 ounces, this beard trimmer is easy on the hands for extensive usage. The T-Outliner is ideal for dry shaving, but make sure to oil the blade before each use to keep that experience a good trim. Attachments: 0, Runtime: Continuous, Warranty: valid for 1 year.

Check it out here.

But right before you get drowned in the beard trimmer muddle, here are some factors that will help you narrowly chase down on your choice sooner than you’d think.

  • Power Source: Travel Beard trimmers can be with cords or without them (cordless). In other words, they come with plug-in points or are equipped with a rechargeable battery. most people are concerned about the compensation, like portability and enjoying their trimming totally cord-free, the implication is that you have to ensure that the cordless trimmers stay charged, it’s a worthy note that most cordless beard trimmers have a 10-12 hours charge time. it’s better not caught using one trimmer that sputters and dies as you turn it on.
  • Size: Blade trimmers are a must for your travel packing. So the lookout must be for something that can easily slip into a corner of your travel bag or grooming kit. The last thing you need, trust me! is an oversized bulge that juts out of the bag like a bad mould.
  • Blade maintenance: blades in a trimmer are self sharpening as usage is being repeated and do not require any special cleaning or extra maintenance support.
  • Trimmer blades: with their basic constituent as carbon steel, they are designed to last for life, but an added comfort ability would be to get a blade that is the boast of a waterproof and can be rinsed under a running tap.
  • The Tech: some of the techs that these latest beard trimmers boast of are gaze stealing.

Philips Norelco Shaver 9400-S9321/90 for example, cuts hairs up to 30% closer to the skin with its V-Track precision blades, the shaving heads, with Contour Detect Technology, moves in 8 directions to cut up to 20% more hair in  one pass, to follow your face’s every curve each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions, with this about up to 20% more hair is capture in a single pass, the  state-of-the-art shaving system cuts hairs up to 30% closer, you can choose the speed setting that best suits your skin from Fast to Medium to Slow, with AquaTec technology to boast of, this trimmer allows you to shave whichever way you prefer; dry shave, or wet shave.

  • Brand: everyone is a brand loyal whichever way, a brand factor is where most men now become divided as we are akin to queue behind our favorite brand anytime. on my opinion, I would rate it least compare to other factors, because most brands in the men’s grooming kit industry are pretty reliable.
  • Price: before we purchase anything, the price is the most important reality. The same rule applies to a beard trimmer, it’s price tag is quite important, inasmuch as price stands high as a factor, the real value which you get from it matters most.
  • Charging Level Indicator: this is one is set aside for cordless trimmers, possessing two LED lights to indicate if it’s charging, charged or not charge. this feature comes in handy when you have to locate your  trimmer in the dark.
  • Durability: The finest beard trimmers 2018 are equipped with a body consisting of plastic and metal parts but longevity is always subject to user style.

How to Use a Travel Beard Trimmer

Let’s see how to use beard trimmers to keep a clean face, neck turning style and that awesome desired length.

  • For a clean 5am shave, remove that guard and shave across ear.
  • To clean a chin strap, a simple and daily maintenance is needed.
  • For longer beards, keep an even length.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner to soften your beard regularly.
  • Use long, consistent and smooth sharp strokes.
  • Keep a wastebasket to catch clippings.
  • Use a conventional razor to shave your neckline.

Many travel beard trimmers out there are present but these are the only few ones that stood out. Whatever juncture of manhood you are in, it is important to pick the right and top beard and mustache trimmer for your needs because it can cause you to hassle later on if you don’t choose the one according to your standards and intended usage. A travel beard trimmer is not only a useful tool, it’s a life saver.

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