How to Take Care of Black Male Hair

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What is the joy of having a “delicious” beard but not a totally cool hair! You will be doing a great injustice to your face if your beards are cool but your hair is not! How does that make you feel? Awesome or a little bit dip in confidence?

No way! We are all about improving facial confidence on this website and we are here for you as always!

Love this Black Male Hair?

Want to rock your hair and beard to be cool like James Harden with his beards? Come on in! Let’s have fun reading.

The hair is the pride of any black man and it extends to all blacks in general. It might be easy to try and categorize by saying women are the only ones who get freaked out about their hair, but who do you think instigates this more?

The black man is always behind his woman telling her how much he loves her hair, and it is rare to see any black man who would support his woman if she decides to cut her hair. He would always be in one corner discouraging her against such move as they derive joy from the hair.

If they could be so for their woman, how much more for themselves? A black man always wants to groom and ensure his hair is styled perfectly. Hair here is not just limited to the hair on the head, but also extends to beard hair.

Have you seen when a black man is dressing up before? This scenario is usually an amusing one as the attention they put into hair care is one that would put a smile on your unknowingly.

To further prove how much a black man holds his hair dear, you should take a walk to a barbing store. There is no black man that would be comfortable when his hair or beard is not styled according to the specification he gives the barber. If the barber dares to do something different and out of line, there would be a serious commotion in that place, and there are chances that the barber would not even get paid. A typical back man cannot afford for their hair to be used for trial and error. All they want is perfection, and no mistakes can be afforded.

One might begin to wonder why a black man would have the whole buzz towards his hair. With the wave the society is going at, it would be wrong if any man does not have this buzz. The hair is one of the first things a lady looks at when she meets a guy for the first time. The bread is also that extra spice for some ladies that shoots a guy a notch higher in their perspective.

You would be damn wrong if you have not noticed the hype around bearded men. I mean, there are ladies whom when you ask what their ideal guy should be like, they include that he has to be bearded. People say that a bearded guy usually goes from handsome to sexily handsome.

Now, it is extremely understandable why the black man cannot play with his hair and is always on the lookout to ensure that his hair is in a perfect state.

This article aims to lessen the burden of black men and take them out of distress. This article would take you on procedures on how to take care of the male black hair. Some of these procedures are not easy, and often times, they take time before you can see the result. However, with consistency, the end result would be something you would be proud of.

How to take care of a Black Male Hair

How to Take Care of Black Male Hair

1. You just have to Moisturize

Like earlier stated, hair care is something that needs consistency, and there is no shortcut to it. The male black hair has to be steadily moisturized in order for it to be in perfect state. It would be a huge sin to let your hair stay dry for more than 24hours. How do you even expect to have healthy hair if it is not moisturized? Even for the normal human body, we agree that water is extremely important.

Likewise, water is extremely important to the male black hair. Your hair always needs to stay hydrated. This protects the hair scalp against certain skin aliments that could develop from dehydration. Keeping your hair hydrated ensures that the hair stays moist, and it makes grooming easier and better.

Hydrating your hair does not stop at pouring water on the hair, it also extends to using natural oils that keep the hair healthy. While it is important to keep your hair hydrated, ensure to do it evenly. It would be weird and out of place when you do not evenly spread the oil on your hair, or let water get to all parts of the hair. You surely do not want some parts to grow and leave other parts lagging behind. This beats out any sexiness out might aim to achieve.

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How to Take Care of Black Male Hair

How to Take Care of Black Male Hair

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2. A good Shampoo will never go wrong

While it might be good to put shampoo on your hair, it should not be a regular act if you want to maintain a healthy male black hair. Yes, there are usually two sides to every coin and using shampoo on a regular basis would bring about damage to the hair. Using shampoo on your hair has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it keeps your hair clean.

However, the shampoo also has the tendencies to dry out your scalp. You might think you are hydrating it, but you are doing the exact opposite.

It is best advised to apply shampoo on the male black hair once a month, and if you must exceed, it should not be more than twice in a month; giving a space of two weeks interval after each month. This does not stop you from regular water application, just make sure it is void of shampoo.

Also, ensure that your shampoo is the best quality for the hair. You need to thoroughly examine a shampoo before usage. Some shampoos contain sulfates, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and some other harmful elements. It is safe to say that such shampoos a targeted at total not judge a shampoo on its popularity as most of these popular products are dangerous.

It is said that if you want to hide any valuable from a black man, put it in writing. Prove this wrong and read through the contents of any shampoo before purchase.

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How to Take Care of Black Male Hair
How to Take Care of Black Male Hair

3. Use Heat

There is this common belief that the best way to wash the hair is by using hot water. It is believed by some that the hotness of the water would kill off the germs in the air.

This is just fallacy, as it is not applicable, and most especially is harmful to the male black hair. Black males are advised to use regular temperature water while washing their hair. When you use hot water on our hair it dries up the hair oils in your hair rather than killing off any germs. At this point, you start getting bothered when your hair refuses to grow and you start looking for multiple solutions not knowing that you are the hindrance to your own hair growth. How do you expect your hair to grow when it lacks hair oils?

Also, allow your hair dry out when you wash it. You can use a towel to remove the excess water on the hair but please never be tempted to use a hairdryer on the hair. There are times when temptations might set in, especially when you are running late for an important event.

Rather than be tempted to do something that would cause damages, keep your cool and allow nature to take its course. When you use a towel to remove excess water. Within no time your hair would get dried naturally. Using the heat from hair dryers would do the same damage as the hot water. Even when you want to use the hairdryer, put the heat on a minimal level, and always ensure to leave your hair a bit damp.

4. Use great Products for the black male hair

How to Take Care of Black Male Hair

Like we mentioned above, and in a bid to ensure hair growth, people tend to go overboard when it concerns hair products. It is important to note that what works for A is not what would also work for B as no two human beings are the same.

Hair growth can be influenced by a number of things including genetics, so sometimes there is nothing wrong with your hair even when you feel it is not growing as fast as it should. The male black hair is a delicate one, and as such, needs preciseness in handling. You do not need to use so many products on the male black hair.

Do not purchase a product just because your friend bought the product, as you would likely end up disappointed. For the black male hair, you only need a few products that assist in maintaining its healthiness, and you are good to go.

It is possible to meet people who tell you they have never used a product on their hair before, yet they have healthy hair which grows at an amazing pace. With the knowledge that the hair anatomy differs from person to person, what you need to do is invest your time in understanding your hair anatomy rather than wasting money on various hair products that would be useless to you at the end of the day. Asides being non-beneficial, some of these products bring about damages that could be traumatic.

5. How about a Comb?

How do you comb your hair and what sort of comb do you use on your hair?

Many people prefer to comb their hair when it is wet or damp as they believe that the hair is softer at that point, and it is the best time to comb the hair. Does this system work with the male black hair? The answer to this is NO. The hair is at its weakest point when wet, and using a comb to pull at it at this wet would lead to breakage and other damages. You should only try combing your hair when it is dry.

You think combing it at this point would bring about pain? If yes, then you have not been adequately taking care of your hair, and it is not moisturized enough. A well-moisturized hair would be easy to comb even when it is dry.

For wet hair, rather than put a comb on it, use your fingers to detangle it gently.

The style of your hair also determines the type of com you use on the hair. It would be inappropriate to use a brush for high hair. If you plan on keeping your hair, then you should be ready to put a wide mouth comb through the hair. Brushes are perfect for low hairstyles. Using a brush on high hair destroys the hair.

Hair damages can be caused by little mistakes that people usually overlook. Take time and caution with your hair if you want to be proud of it with time. You should treat your hair like your baby. For women, they get to give birth to real-life babies, but for guys, your hair is what you give birth to, and if you do not take adequate care of it, then you have failed in your duty and responsibility.

The beauty of the black male hair cannot be overemphasized, and the process involved in its care should not be one that would be seen as a stressful process. These processes should be taken as your routine and lifestyle. Notice how you cannot stay without food as it is very essential for your well-being? This is the way your male black hair would not be able to survive without care and attention. Do not make your hair demand attention, rather, give it attention.

There is a certain stage you would ghetto where you would have irreconcilable differences with it. This can be prevented if the tips above are carefully followed. Always ensure to have your essentials with you at all times. Have a special mini bag which would contain your ‘hair food’, so you would not have cause to panic even when on a journey.

There is extreme power in black male hair. When this hair is well-groomed, your confidence level goes way higher, and you begin to cause tension without any regret. You become so stylishly unique and outstanding that everyone would want to be associated with you.

The goal is to always be good-looking and this can be achieved with a perfect male black hair.

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Final words on how to take care of a black male hair

I hope this post has helped you on how to take care of your black male hair so you can take your black hair game to the next level, with instructions and advice on how you can take care of your black male hair. Let us know your thoughts.

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