How to Prevent Beard Whitening

How to prevent beard whitening: Modern lifestyle is a great one but one of the most vexing outcomes is white hair in the bear. The first appearance of your first white strand can make you feel very bad, nothing matches the dread you feel than that. Once the first white strand pop up, a feeling will build up you that will make you know that there will be more to follow. It is this stage you will start to look for treatment and remedies that can help stop or prevent the whitening of your beard. Here we are talking about how to prevent beard whitening.

It is widely accepted to have white hair at old age, that is even obvious, but having white hair at your early 20s or 30s it is absolutely disheartening. The major reason why your beard is turning white is that your hair is losing its pigment. The major cause of beard whitening is when the growth of the old cells is pushed out by the hair follicles, this is caused due to the new cells that are been produced. This occurs in three stage

1. Anagen – Growth stage

2. Catagen – Cessation stage

3. Telogen – Rest stage

It is during the rest stage that your hair reaches its lifespan and falls, then a new strand grows in its place, during this growth period then the pigments give it color. The age, the amount of pigments that is put into each strand of the beard hair gets reduced as you grow, this is why the hair color does change at old age.

In a disheartening situation whereby you start to notice whitening of beard hair at an early age, the issue comes from your pigment, it is either weak or about to die. In a situation like this, you will have to make use of some remedies and treatment to bring it back to normal. This is when you start to notice the strain of white hair, but to prevent beard whitening, this content will work greatly and perfectly for you. As people do say prevention is better than cure, so trying to prevent the whitening of the beard is better. If you are looking for a solution to prevent the spread of white hair in your beard, you can check our other content on how to prevent the spread of white hair in the beard.

Major causes of whitening of the beard

We ain’t going to dig into the major causes of white beard, but if you really want to know the causes of white beard you can check our other content on how to prevent the spread of white beard, in there you will get to understand each cause of white beard and how to prevent them. Below are the major causes of won’t beard.

1. Genetics

2. Deficiency Of Melanin

3. Hormones

4. Medical Condition

5. Stress

6. Chemicals

7. Extrinsic Factors

How to prevent beard whitening

1. Massage your beard scalp with black tea once a week

This is for everyone who is having some positive feelings of their beard turning white soon. It will help in his the growth of white hair and replenishes hair with antioxidant. Lastly, it will make your beard shine and darken the hair

What you  Need

2 tbsp Black Tea
1 cup Water
Prep Time
20 minutes

Processing Time

1 hour


Heat up the black tea in some water until it is all around prepared.

Put the blend aside to cool.

When cool, strain the fluid and apply it to your hair and scalp.

Massage your scalp for several minutes and hang tight for around an hour with the tea in your hair.

Wash your hair with a mellow sans sulfate cleanser and finish with conditioner

How Often?

Once a week.

2. Do not get addicted or take too much of hard drugs and alcohol

If you really cherish your beard and health, you need to reduce the intake of these hard drugs and alcohol to its minimum. Not only will this help in preventing whitening of your beard, but it will also help your health.

You may be taking hard drugs and alcohol at a maximum consumption rate now and your beard will still look okay and black, but you need to know gradually you are destroying your hair pigment and with time it will get so weak that it will have no power in injecting the right color for your beard, this time it may either be late or you will find it hard to treat the white beard.

3.  Eat foods that will help prevent whitening of the beard

To prevent whitening of the beard, consumption of food rich in vitamin B12 will greatly help to prevent beard whitening.  Here are some foods you should eat, meat, eggs, seafood, beef, pork, and lamb. The dairy products you should eat more are cheeses and milk, for the vegan diet, you can opt for a product that is enriched with vitamin B12.

Below is a list of foods that help keep your hair pigmented:

Berries – Rich in vitamin C.

Shellfish – Contains zinc which helps keep your hair pigmented.

Meat liver – Combats anemia and iron deficiencies.

Carrots – Rich in vitamin A.

Curry leaves – Rich in minerals, and Vitamin B such as iron, selenium, iodine, and zinc.

Spinach – Helps in the production of melanin.

Eggs – Rich in vitamin B12.

Beans – Rich source of protein.

Sunflower seeds – Rich in antioxidants and minerals.

Walnuts – This helps in melanin production, it is rich in copper.

4. Keep Thyroid Levels In Check

The thyroid gland plays an important role in all vital functions of your body. An under reactive hypothyroidism or thyroid can trigger whitening of the beard. So you need to always check your thyroid level, for you to be aware if it is causing any loss of pigment in your hair or not.

In case you don’t know, hypothyroidism is a very bad condition and in some situation, you need hormone supplementation. You need to keep tabs on your diet because certain foods interfere with the way your thyroid work.

5. Load up on antioxidants

Eating a good diet alone cannot help prevent whitening of the beard, that why you need to consume enough antioxidant-rich food.

Some antioxidant-rich foods you can consume are grapes, green leafy, berries, green tea, and green leafy vegetables.

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