How To Prevent White Hair In Beard

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard: Maybe you are getting old and you want to know of a number of ways through which you can prevent those white strands of hair from popping into your beard? Nobody likes white hair in their beard and most times, it is a symptom of old age and old age is not so fashionable.

Ageing is something that a lot of people try to fight against because it is not too desirable. Some people also start growing white hair quite early even as early as 20 years of age. In this case, the white hair growth might be due to genetics that is, hereditary. Perhaps it is in their lineage to develop white hair quite early. There are a number of ways to prevent the white hair from spreading if you already have one, and also if you are getting elderly, there are a number of ways to prevent them from coming out too early. Because the fact remains that they will surely come. It is perfectly normal.

But how do you prevent these white hair from appearing in your beard? You should know first that white hair happens when the hair follicles lose their pigmentation, Melanin, which is responsible for colouring your hair. When there is little to no Melanin pigment in your follicles, it results in grey or white hair.

What are the factors that cause white hair in beards?

1. Genetics

Your genes play a huge role in how early you develop grey hair or white hair in your beard. And the funny thing is that you have no control over what your genes dictate and you can’t reprogram your genes. So, if you have it in you to grow white hair in your beard early, even as early as 25, then you can only darken your hair as a cure. There is nothing much you can do to stop it. The white hair in your beard could definitely be a genetic trait. Look through your family.

2. Stress

Stress is also a leading cause of white hair and grey hair. It is a polar cause of green and whitening of hair and beard. Stress also causes a person to age faster and quicker. And it is well known that elderly people can’t escape the greying of hair, therefore if stress speeds up the ageing process for you, then definitely one of the symptoms of old age will start to appear and that is white hair. White hair is hair that lacks pigmentation, that is hair in its original form without Melanin darkening it. Stress causes Melanin to deplete hence the hair can’t darken anymore.

What can you do to avoid stressing out your body?

Always sleep for up to 8 hours every day as this contributes a lot to body relaxation, also exercise regularly and eat healthy foods and fruits.

3. Vitamin deficiency

Some Vitamins are essential to the production of melanocytes in the follicles. When you lack these Vitamins in your body, they take an adverse toll on the Melanin content in your body and as a result, white or grey hair is produced. Vitamins that are essential for hair darkening include Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. These four vitamins are essential in your diets and your diets should also be rich in Copper, as lack of Copper which is an important mineral leads to greying of hair.

4. Smoking

Smoking has been linked to the reduced production of melanocytes in the follicles of the hair and beard. Depletion in the amount of Melanin in the follicles means that there will be reduced pigmentation of hair. When the hair lacks pigments, it takes on lighter colours like Grey and White. Melanin is what darkens hair colour. Smoking is one leading cause of premature greying of beards and hair in men. Smoking does more harm than good.

5. Thyroid problem

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism have both been closely linked to hair changes both on the body, face and head. Early greying of hairs have been closely linked to autoimmune thyroid disease, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Gray/white hair can also be seen in some patients after thyroid treatment administration. Basically, the thyroid hormones change and alter hair follicles and their functions and this can cause white hair in your beard.

6. Alopecia areata and Vitiligo as well as other autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases are those diseases that are caused by the body’s immune system attacking the body e.g hair follicles and skin cells because the immune system mistakes it as a foreign body. Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes loss of skin pigmentation, and Alopecia areata is the falling out of hair.

Vitiligo especially can cause white hair in beards and the body generally. Vitiligo causes certain parts of the body to be way lighter than other parts. And the parts that it affects, also experience hair colour change. Vitiligo not only causes loss of Melanin in the skin but also in the hair. So, another reason you might have a patch of white hair in your beard is due to Vitiligo. Be sure to check if you have the condition. Michael Jackson, the famous musician also had the condition.

So, what are some prevention methods that you can apply to your beard to prevent white hairs in it?

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 1 – Stop bad habits like smoking which promotes white hair in a beard

One way to prevent white hair in your beard is to stop your smoking habit if you have the habit. Smoking has been repeatedly linked to premature greying of the hair and beard of the smoker. If you really, truly do not want your whole beard to turn white, then please stop smoking.

Your hair turns white due to the absence of the pigment called Melanin in the body but smoking induces stress. And stress can reduce the amount of melanocyte stem cells that is Melanin, that is present in your facial hair follicles and this can cause greying or whitening of the facial hair. In order to prevent the depletion of Melanin in your follicles, stop smoking. Apart from your hair gradually turning white, smoking has other negative side effects on the body as well.

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 2 – Eat foods rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants help to reduce the risk of grey and white facial hair. Apart from its amazing nutritional benefits, it also assists in preventing premature greying of hair. Antioxidants help to prevent premature ageing, keep your skin and hair looking forever young and healthy. This is enough reason for you to feast on more antioxidants in your meals. Antioxidants stop and delay cells from getting damaged. They are healthy and very beneficial. Antioxidants luckily can be found in quite a number of foods that are quite plentiful. To get more antioxidants that will be fighting away white hair from your beard, eat more fruits like Strawberries, Raspberries, Grapes and also eat nuts and green leafy vegetables like Spinach.

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 3 – Eliminate your vitamin deficiency problem

Apart from vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency can also cause grey or white hair in your beard as well. When your body lacks minerals like Copper and Zinc and also vitamins like Vitamin B6, B12, D or E, all of these can lead to the whitening or greying of your beard. But how can you make sure that you are loading yourself with enough vitamins like the ones mentioned above and also the minerals? Well, the solution is to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as nuts. Fruits and vegetables are packed with lots of minerals and vitamins and they are also very anti-ageing as well. Also, you can try to take in Vitamin supplements and Biotin supplements to prevent white hair in beards.

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 4 – Eat more food rich in Copper

It is well known that Copper deficiency causes the white hair on the head and on the face. Copper is that one mineral that you can’t afford to discard or ignore adding to your meals. Copper deficiency can lead to lower levels of Melanin formation and this invariably affects the hair and causes white hair to grow. If you want to prevent white hair from growing in your beard, you need to beat copper deficiency at its game. You need to eat more foods rich in Copper. Foods rich in Copper include Oysters, dark leafy green vegetables like Spinach, dark chocolate, nuts and grains.

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 5 – Use black tea to make your beard to look darker

You can prevent your hair that is your facial hair from being white by darkening it with natural ingredients. Black tea is one ingredient that can help you with this. This is both a preventive measure and a corrective measure. If you don’t want your beard to look white, just soak black tea bags in water, boiling water preferably, and then let it cool down.  Then you should apply the warm and concentrated black tea to your facial hair and then let the tea sit in your beard for one hour and then rinse out. This instantly darkens your facial hair and prevents any greying strands of hair from turning white. And any white strands will turn black after the process. Coffee especially strong or concentrated coffee will also do the same job as black tea.

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 6 – Use Curry leaves

Curry leaves are famous for spicing foods but who would have thought that will be useful for hair too? Well, you can use Curry leaves to prevent white hair from appearing by mixing curry leaves in Coconut oil. How? Add 20 Curry leaves to 1/2 a cup of Coconut oil, then put the oil – that is the mixture you just did on fire and let it boil till the Curry leaves turn dark in colour. Then remove the heat and let the oil cool. Put the oil in a clean bottle and use routinely or every day on your beard and watch your beard darken!

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 7 – Use Onion paste on your beard regularly

So this is both a remedy and a preventive measure. How do you go about this? Extract the Onion juice from the Onions then mix with Lemon juice of 1 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon of Olive oil. Apart from darkening the white hair in your beard, it also promotes beard hair growth. Onions increase the production of the enzyme Catalase, which plays a key role in darkening strands of hair in your beard. Apply just as much as you want on your beard.

How To Prevent White Hair In Beard 8 – Don’t stress yourself!

Stress is another thing you should put out of the equation if you want to avoid white hair in your beard. Stress promotes the greying and whitening of the hair both on the face and head as well as other ageing problems. Stress also depletes the production of melanocytes in the follicles which are responsible for hair colour. This is a crucial point in the whole prevention strategy. You have to make sure you get enough sleep and relax well to avoid developing white hair in your beard.

Even if it is in your genes, you still need to totally avoid stress as this will help to suppress that genetic trait. Remember, don’t stress yourself!

Conclusion on How To Prevent White Hair In Beard

Prevention of white hair in your beard is not quite as easy as it seems. Most of the prevention you can do is to correct the white strands of hair as soon as you spot them. If the white strands are appearing early because of your genes, then you really can’t prevent it as they will keep coming. All you need to do is to apply some of the recommended ingredients on your beard to regularly darken your beard. It is all about mixing the ingredients together and letting them sit in your beard. We won’t recommend artificial dyes and colours for you because they are harsh and have adverse side effects. Just use any of the ingredients recommended above and you’re good. You really can’t prevent White hair in your beard but you can correct them as they come, that is, if the causes are natural like heredity.

Now that you know How To Prevent White Hair In Beard, what are your next steps?

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