I Started Growing Beards At Age 16 – Shadrach Aliu

My beard growth story has been fun and sometimes not and it’s due to criticism I get from people around me when at age 16 I started growing beards and my first week that I experienced beards really made me feel bad.

I was a student at that time and most of my classmates who were older than me did not have beards. But I just ignored after I realized with my beards, I look handsome and don’t look ugly at all.

I had no challenges growing my beards since it came naturally, I went with the flow. People do say that keeping beards can either be fashion or style, but as for me I don’t see beards as fashion nor style, I only believe people keep what makes them look good.

On beards discrimination though, I think there is a lot of discrimination about the beard gang people, especially in a Country like Nigeria. I think its quite unacceptable. Having beards is a natural gift from God, so I do not see any reason why people should discriminate beards.

Personally, I think keeping a healthy looking beards will reduce discrimination from society and religion.

Keeping beards makes you more attractive to ladies, modeling opportunities and yes it also makes you look matured and cute, just as it made me.

My beard routine is just washing with soap while bathing, then once done with bathing I use hair creams to rub and also use my beard comb to comb it well. I once battled with razor bumps though, when I used a shaving stick for my beards, although I used aftershave and it went off within 3 days, it was really an annoying situation at that time. Not anymore though, as I now keep my beards soft and well trimmed.

Speaking of mybeardgang blog, its a very nice blog, with a lot of meaningful tips on how to grow beards faster and also how to maintain them. Just in case they want to start the #mybeardgang movement, I’ll love to b a part. Who wouldn’t?

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