What Do You Know About Beard Czar in Nigeria

Beard Czar In Nigeria: This article will carefully explain what Beard Czar is, how it works, its ingredients, prices and finally recommend places to buy it in Nigeria.

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Beard Czar can be briefly described as a major distributor of a wide range of beard grooming and care products which is aimed at helping you grow, groom and add style to your beard.

This product includes the Beard Oil, Phytoceramides, and the Facial Hair Complex. Along with these products is a guide in the e-format which helps users to utilize the products fully and also to offer everyday tips on how to care for one’s beard.

About Beard Czar Beard Products

Beard Czar is a special beard treatment for men or the male gender generally, who are already growing or who desire to grow a beard. The products are manufactured in order to help you nourish and replenish existing beards as well.

Beard Czar is made from 100% natural ingredients which also include vitamins and lots of minerals. However, these ingredients work by the principle of stimulation, that is, the ingredients stimulate the growth of hair follicles around the chin area.

Also, the natural minerals and vitamins which are present in this product hydrate the beard area in order to improve the texture and quality cum firmness of the beard.

Interesting right? Let’s proceed then!

Beard Czar Review

Evidently, there are lots of reasons men would love to grow beards. These range from religious purposes, fashion, style and maybe traditional purposes.

Beards are popularly acknowledged as a symbol of masculinity and sometimes age and maturity. However,  it’s too unfortunate that it isn’t every man that has the privilege of growing enough chin hair in order to grow and breed healthy looking beards.

This has forced most men with thin and tiny beard hair to keep clean shaves, even though most of them love to breed very thick and stylish beards, many do not want just any kind of beards but something that looks very vibrant, healthy and as well inviting.

There’s a good news as regards that your beard can actually grow very easily and even reach the stage you’ve always fantasized about. All you need is the Beard Czar!

The Beard Czar who’s our present rescue has grooming products which are made from natural ingredients which also includes dietary supplements and oils.

All that’s needed of you is to apply the Beard Czar on your chin and in a few weeks, you’ll see a thick, appealing and moisturized beard even without itch and allergies.

Other Beard Czar Products

There are four kinds of products produced by Beard Czar. They are; Beard Oil, Beard Czar Phytoceramides, Beard Comb  And E-Book Guide.

1. Beard Oil

This product is the gate pass to a nourishing and stylish beard. This beard oil works by simply maintaining one’s skin hydration.

When comparing this oil to its supplements, Beard Czar Beard Oil is made up of Argan Oil which also helps in hydrating and nourishing one’s hair. This same Argan Oil is also responsible for the styling action performed by the beard oil. It also helps reduce fallouts and itchiness.

On Amazon, this Beard Oil is sold at $24.99.

2. Beard Czar Phytoceramides

Another incredible supplement of Beard Czar is the Phytoceramides. Phytoceramides help improve one’s skin health which in turn leads to an improved growth and softer texture. It also helps nourish the dermal matrix of the skin and also in collagen build-up.

In simple and more understandable terms, Phytoceramides is a very useful product which helps its users to overcome the problems of skin damage, dryness and other forms of irritation.

The build-up of the collagen that has been earlier mentioned, is usually spontaneously backed up by the presence of phytonutrients in the Phytoceramides.

This product overall helps to improve both the texture and health of one’s skin and beard. It can be purchased at the rate of $89.99.

3. Beard Czar Beard Comb

You’ll agree with me that it’s of paramount importance to comb one’s beard. Or don’t you? Maybe right? Okay, let me explain better.

Combing one’s beard goes a long way in ensuring a better circulation of the blood located around the chin and its axis. It promotes Also the hair growth of such area.

Beard Czar Beard Comb makes use of its wooden teeth to help bring this dreams into reality. It helps to keep one’s beard looking really inviting with the beautiful finish design it Gives to such beard while combing It. It also increases the growth of such beards.

It is perfectly and best enjoyed with the best result produced if used almost immediately after applying the beard oil.

For even more better results, Beard Czar recommends that one uses their own beard comb in combination with their own beard oil.

It can be purchased at only $9.99.

4. Beard Czar’s eBook Guide

This is a very useful guide on how to grow, maintain and take good care of one’s beard.

With the title; “Beard Czar Beard Care”, this eBook claims to discuss various vast topics which can positively help you choose certain products in order to get the best result.  This book also provides a list of various available beard styles, from which its users can choose.

This eBook is available on the company’s website for purchase, at the rate of $1.95.

Beard Czar Ingredients

Beard Czar

Beard Czar is made from an all-natural combo of herbal treatments, extracts, and vitamins. These ingredients have over time proved To be 100% safe cum effective for improving the facial hair growth.

These ingredients are; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacin, Biotin Vitamin B6 & B5, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Germ Powder, Horsetail Powder…

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very important ingredient in the making on Beard Czar. It helps prevent one’s face from the production of excess oil. It also helps in overcoming dandruff issues -dandruff is one of the major stimulants of beard itchiness. Perhaps you have a low immune against disease, Vitamin A helps in boosting the body’s immune system.


This is also an important mineral found in almost all hair care and shampoo products. You see its validity right?

Biotin plays a great role in promoting facial hair growth, and also in restoring beard shines.

Vitamin E

This supplement helps in delaying the aging process of beards, thus making it look ever young, fresh and shining.

It however also helps the body in combating pollutions present in the beard.


Niacin is a form of Vitamin B3. It is used to combat the gray effect of beards.

It is also used to control cholesterol levels in one’s body, which in turn speeds up the rate Of healing after sicknesses or injury. That is, it is really important in areas where the health of one’s skin is really important, especially in the beard region.

On-and-on-and-on is the list of natural ingredients contained in the Beard Czar. Thus, let’s move into the ingredients of other products of the Beard Czar; Beard Oil &  Phytoceramides.

Beard Oil

Argania Spinoza which is popularly known as Moroccan Argan Oil, is the only ingredient found in Beard Czar’s Beard Oil.

However, this substance has proven over the years to be sufficient enough and capable of executing its required function. It has widely helped in maintaining soft and smooth facial hair since its inception. This is however because of the presence of the high levels of fatty acids and Vitamin F.

Also, because of its ability to condition your hair, Aragon Oil can give your beard a greasy appearance.


Phytoceramides contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Phytoceramides Daily Complex, and Vitamin B12.

Finally! We’re done with acquainting ourselves with the various ingredients which make up the beard czar products. However, the next possible question that’ll drop in your mind is “what are the Side effects”.

Based on clinical evidence and vast researches, these ingredients have very little or no side effects at all.

It is safe for the skin.

Beard Czar Prices and Trial

Beard Czar products pricing are as follows;

  • Facial Hair Complex – $89.99
  • Beard Oil – $24.99
  • Phytoceramides – $89.99
  • Beard Comb – $9.99
  • eBook Guide – $1.99

However, apart from these prices listed above, Beard Czar also offers you a special offer – the Beard Czar Trial!

Awesome isn’t it!

And that’s needed to get a full-size bottle of Facial Complex is to pay $4.95 which takes care of the shipping and handling fees. This trial runs for 14 days. After the end, if the trial, one you’ll be required to return the bottle back to the company.

However, when the trial ends, & one would love to purchase finally, one would be charged the full price of $89.99.

Also, you’ll constantly receive monthly shipments of Facial Complex and would be charged a recurring fee of $89.95 each time.

Beard Czar’s products also come with a 30-day refund policy.

If you want to request a refund, cancel or start a trial, or stop recurring payments, you can reach Beard Czar’s customer service via support@beardczar.com or 888-302-5686.

Where to get Beard Czar in Nigeria

As much as it isn’t easy to get Beard Czar in stores near you, I wouldn’t still recommend that you purchase these products from Amazon or EBay. Only goods bought from the site can be guaranteed to be 100% original.

However, in this section well be outlining a number of places where these products can be gotten from in Nigeria.

Comet Wellness

Address: 25, Mbonu Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

Funlearn Center

Address: 12a, Fatai Arobieke Street, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Mon Scientific

Address: 349, Hebert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Mc Donnald

Address: 152, Raymond Iromaka Close, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria

Beard Growth Cream in Nigeria

Anyways, outlined below are various beard growing creams you can actually get in Nigeria apart from the beard czar.

  • Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil
  • Lanthome Beard Growth Oil
  • Leven Rose Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner
  • The Shaving Co Beard Oil
  • Bell’s Castor Oil for Beard Growth…

These are unarguably the best organic beard growth oils available in Nigeria

Have you ever bought any of this beard growth oil or you have heard of or used Beard Czar in Nigeria? Please share your experience.

Keep Bearding!

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