Beard Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do you know there are beard mistakes you should avoid at all cost? Yes, there are! The thing is you don’t know how and when you carry out those mistakes.

This Articles will serve as an eye opener and also a guide on how to overcome those facial hair mistakes you unconsciously carry out.

If after reading this Article, you find yourself guilty of those mistakes, give yourself a tight hug and understand that those mistakes were utterly human mistakes.

Don’t blame yourself at all. You may never get to know these mistakes if you pride yourself as doing the right thing all the time.

What you think as the right thing to do when carrying out your beard care therapy might be one of the fatal beard mistakes you should avoid.

You’d be slightly amazed to know about these mistakes.

So all you need to do is carefully read this Article on Beard Mistakes you should avoid.

11 Beard Mistakes You Should Avoid

Making this quite easy and quick for you and friends, keep reading this guide on factual beard mistakes you should avoid.

Well, Some of these Beard Mistakes you should avoid as much as possible Include the following;

1. Applying Beard Oil On Your Beard

Yes! We simply understand that feeling of shock up your sleeves. But if you were not in any shock, still good, so keep reading.

The Act of Applying Beard On Your Beard is the Major mistake many beard enthusiasts make unconsciously.

Funny enough, even the name; “Beard Oil” will certainly imply you waste that beard oil on your beards.

Mischievously, Many Beard Oil producing companies advise to simply rub the oil through your facial hairs.

Probably because they want to sell you more of it. Thereby, discarding the tag of honesty and putting you in whatever attached to applying the beard oil wrongly.

But then there is no harm as your actions will only incur a waste of the beard oil, the purpose for which you bought it will be averted.

Perhaps you didn’t know that the real benefits of beard oil reveal itself when you apply it to the SKIN underneath your beard.

Naturally, your body produces “Sebum” an Oil targeted at keeping your skin revitalized and healthy.

As your facial hairs continue to grow it cultivates the sebum oil, the body doesn’t produce enough sebum oil to revitalize the skin.

Hence, the subtle importance of Applying the beard oil properly at the skin underneath the beards and not on the beards itself.

Now you know, do the right thing.

2. Not Making Use of Our Beard Cream

A friend who is a core beard enthusiast is guilty of this! He is guilty of not making use of the proper beard cream, uses only Olive Oil rather.

But then he has repented.

You too Can If you develop the habit of making use of our beard gang beard cream. From the first point, you should know the benefit of using beard cream PROPERLY!

If you didn’t get the points, Below are the benefits of using beard oil:

– It Moisturizes the Skin
– It keeps the skin healthy
– Attacks and kills beardruff’s at the skin layer underneath the beards
– Repels Itching of the beards
– Makes beard maintenance easy.

3. Trimming Your Beards When It’s Wet.

This is not a rampant mistake, but then its a mistake some beard enthusiasts make, Trimming your beard when its wet is wrong and can be fatal, consequentially.

If you observe carefully, when your beard is wet, it straightens and appears longer than the usual, especially when it’s dry.

We advise you critically wait till its dry before combing and styling it to whatever style you want and with whatever product you like.

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4. Leaving Food Crumbs On Your Beard

We don’t expect you to know this as you may never notice how often you have failed to clean your beard after eating, thus leaving food particles to form a colony on your beard.

Leaving Food crumbs on your beard is a small beard mistake you should avoid because if you don’t, be ready to swim in a sea of weird eyes at the office tomorrow.

So the first step you need to take in avoiding this mistake is by being Vigilant! Full stop.

Properly clean your beards after every meal.

5. High Neck Line

Aha! You probably never thought trimming the neckline of your beard when trimming is a mistake you should avoid.

Deciding your Neck-line is an honest way to add shape & beauty to your beard and give your beard a much more neat appearance.

A High Neckline gives the appearance of a much smaller beard.

Surely, you don’t want that at all right?

So in other to avoid that mistake, We recommend you do the following;

– Start shaving your beard in where your head connects to your neck.

Typically above Adam’s apple as it will give it a much fuller look.

As your beard grows those hairs you would have shaved while carving out a high neckline will give the beard the thick look it deserves.

6. Improper Top Line

Many beard enthusiasts make this mistake when trimming the top line. Trimming the top line can be very daunting which results in the improper top line.

Due to how daunting trimming a top line is, many beard enthusiasts take to a natural top line while some others have it trimmed by professionals.

We recommend you try to sport a natural top line as much as possible.

The subtle idea here is to connect the sideburn to the mustache as high as possible.

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7. Trimming Too Often

Often times, beard enthusiasts express their dissatisfaction on how slow their beard grows when the subtle reason is that they shave too often.

Other reasons, like trimming out flyaway hair to keep the beards all stylish and kinky all the time.

Not necessarily insinuating you dump your trimmer anyways.

Avoiding this problem we sincerely recommend you grow your beard without a shave for at least 90 days.

When the 90 days elapses, just know its time for a hot and ritualistic shave.

However, if you want a longer beard you can repeat the  90 days no-shaving exercise until your beard gets to the length you want.

8 Avoid The Use Of Plastic Comb

Kindly avoid the use of plastic comb! Avoid it! A beard comb is an important necessity for your beard, but the wrong beard comb can actually do more harm than good.

Critically avoid down market plastic combs as they are made in molds. thus making the teeth of comb unsuitable for the purpose you bought it.

There are many beard combs in the market, down-market beard combs and that is why we recommend you buy the Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit For Men’s Care.

It comes with a complete kit! Avoid the use of a plastic comb.

Or you Buy the Wood Beard Comb.

9. Unkempt Moustache

This point is quite similar to number 7 when you continuously trim your beard more often, they begin to look unkempt.

Very unkempt!

And that is not the idea of sporting beards.

It is obviously a mistake that should be watched out for and seriously avoided. Just like number one.

10. Avoid The Use Of Bar Soap & Body Washes On Your Beard

If you are fun of washing your beard with the same soap as your body, kindly STOP now!

Those bath soaps were designed to wash the dirt away from a hard day’s work (or play).

For this reason, they are too harsh for your facial hairs and your face.

It is very important you know that skin on your face is VERY different than the skin on your body.

It is much thinner and can be damaged easily.

Using a bar soap, body wash and even regular shampoo on your facial hair will dry out your skin causing itch, irritation and unhealthy, slower beard growth.

Trust, you never knew this was one of the beard mistakes you should avoid all the time.

You are guilty.

We know you are guilty of using bath soaps on your beard, and probably thought you were doing the right thing all along.

Well, It turns out are wrong.

It turns out you are making a mistake you should avoid and that is why We recommend you use a Beard Wash that is designed specifically for your face skin and beard hairs.

A good quality beard wash will give your facial hairs and face a deep cleanse without drying out your skin and beard which allows you to wash daily without damage.

If you don’t have a beard wash.

An alternative will be a regular shampoo, but we suggest you only wash once a week to cause as little damage as possible and replenish the moisture with beard oil and butter.

That’s all!

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11. Incorrect Clipper Settings

This is the last on our list but you certainly know incorrect clipper setting can prove to be disastrous to an extent.

Always double click the clipper before using it.

Final Say on Beard Mistakes You Should Avoid

Nothing much can be said as everything that needs to be said has already been put out into points above, they are all important beard mistake that you should avoid.

Check out this video on more beard mistakes you should avoid:

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