I Love My Beard Quotes For Instagram

Beard Quotes For Instagram. 

1. I simply change my looks every few years just for the fun of it and when you look through my social media profile, you will be welcomed with different versions of me, long hair me, short hair, bearded and clean shaven. I’m just an adventurous man when I’m bored.

2. When I first got into Hollywood, I didn’t get a lot of roles, then I grew a beard that made me look like a really bad Arab and plenty of roles poured it because that look was what they wanted in the first instance. – Charles Manson.

3. There was a very old man who had a giant beard, in his last days, he recounted on how graceful it is to grow a beard and just as he had feared, two owls and a hen both built their nests in his beard – Edward Lear.

4. Every race of the world is one that is marked by a brown complexion, black, lanky, long hair and a deficient beard. Samuel George Morton.

5. In every Muslim towns and villages, it has been implemented that the Sharia law should be very conservative, men should grow a fully blown beard and women should be adorned in the veil

6. The whole concept of God and what he entails has been summed up to be a guy with a long beard, all of that surpasses me and I don’t know anything about it but I do believe that there is something greater at work than humanity and what we can possibly see with our eyes – Anthony Lapaglia

7. Some beards can be really awkward, one side might be longer than the other with different shades of colors that will make you argue the owner doesn’t wash them and it’s a nasty sight. – Willie Robertson

8. Beards look classic and mature, even better, you can make them look weird to cloud your personality when you add a little dye…. All of this is made possible with special perfumes and lotions that are routinely applied – Willie Robertson.

9. You get done with Disney when you sport a fully grown matured beard and the only time you get to go back is when you have annoying little brothers or you get your own kids. – Garret Clayton.

10. My sons remember me most as their homemade low budget Santa as my beards have never been off, the oldest of my sons who is in his late twenties has not for once seen me without beards, it’s not as black as it used to be but it’s still there, hanging around. – Bruce Stutter.

11. The only way to go about football participation is with reckless abandon or you will be at the receiving end, having your beard knocked off.

12. When I was 15, I wore mainly sandals and corduroys, striped pullover, Guernsey, a couple strings of beards, a beret and shades, the goal was simply to hang out and look cool while at it. – Roy Harper.

13. Music has been around since before Moses started growing beards and there are millions of songs that people dig and jam to, you just have to find the ones that are perfect for you and your situation.

14. Growing a long beard with a touch of Afghan-style to your dressing will command a lot of respect as well as dread about your personality and you will never have to fear being kidnapped or tampered with by smugglers.

15. I have never been in New York but when I picture myself in that big city, I see myself getting a comfy apartment, sporting a beard and walking around with some amount of confidence with a stocking cap on my head and a big giant scarf around my neck.

16. Girls’ weakest point is a neatly groomed beard that looks rather unkempt and scruffled, and the way you decide to style it does not in any way put them off, just make the facial hair sprout.

17. I have always been a sucker for goatee beards, some other times, I root for beards, sometimes thick burns and some other times a clean-shaven face but that doesn’t last as every minute I touch my chin and fell no hair, I feel like I am naked, it is the more reason why I have rocked a clean-shaven look only twice in my entire life. – Jason Winston George

18. The softest beards in the world  belongs to me and growing them longer does not itch even for a second and the bonus to it is the fact that it’s itch free but I am getting tired of having all the space on my face took up my hair as I am naturally not a hairy guy, so, I am not used to having air all over my face. – Ato Essando

19. Some people are bound to an image, beards as an identity, not just ordinary everyday people buy superstar celebrities as well, Bob Marley’s identity was dreadlocks, Matisyahu also sports a well-groomed beard. And it is a reminder that sometimes, it’s all about having all the hair in the right place.

20. In my late teens, just when I was about to get hit by the reality of life, I took to transcendental meditation and it is a really simple instrument. You need not spot a long beard or look dapper, you only have to find your identity, it’s easy as that. – Peter Lindbergh

Funny Quotes About Shaving Beards

21. Love is a bit of a deception and a trap you walk into without even knowing it, it is a big myth that God himself with his grey beards seats down on the thrown every day just to look at us. – Al Goldstein.

22. Having a big beard can be difficult to deal with sometimes and it’s a choice between having to eat and skipping your meal, most times I go for the latter as I hate getting crumbs on my precious beard. – Robert Coltrane

23. The last images on Bin Laden in his final years were that of an aging man with greyed out beards, admiring clips of his younger self and just like most suburban dads, flipping through channels with his remote. – Peter L. Bergen

24. I am a religious man to some extent but I am Jewish and I believe in all religions, I believe there is a God and the picture of him I have at the back of my mind is that of a very old man with great white beard, and I go down on my knees to pray to him every day for a couple of minutes. – Uri Geller.

25. The secret to getting extra pay between jobs is to keep well-groomed beards, your employers will pay you to shave it every God darn time. – James McAvoy

26. Growing a beard makes you stand out, makes you doubt the reflection you see in the mirror as there are a few changes to the shape of your skull and your face. – Douglas Coupland

27. There are a couple greys in my beard, a little salt, and pepper in my hair and if I happen to let my hair down and go through it with a brush, you would notice grey hairs falling out and those may be from the stress of being on the road at all times and the crazy business that I am in. – Roman Reigns

28. I sure believe there is a God and a Devil but they don’t have to be depicted as beings with pitchforks and a long white beard. – Keanu Reeves

29. The geramium capsules furnish admirable barometers as they fasten the beards when they are of age, the roots become firm and it will twists or untwist itself based on whether the atmosphere is cloudy or the sun is shining its bright lights. – Dorothea Dix

30. My wife is no lover of beards, when we dated, I would have them grow out and lengthy, she would assure me she could handle it as much as I do not keep it for more than 3 months, now that we are married, I have my beards out at all times and she’s used to it being a part of her now. – Jase Robertson

31. Sometimes, during summer especially, I look at people with clean-shaven beards and I envy them deep within myself as they must have been getting some fresh hair and a lot of compliments from getting rid of all that facial hair and as tempting as it seems, I try as much as possible not to fall into temptation even though some believe beards get itchy when they grow to an extent, it’s a no for people with big men beards, it doesn’t get itchy a bit. – Willie Robertson

32. The beard is here because I go tired of shaving every now and then. – William Petersen

33. Kids prolly love Dumbledore because he is funny rather than be a miserable old man with a long grey beard – Michael Gambon

34. The hunky barista look appears to be the most masculine feel of all beard styles and guys under 50 greatly feel the impact but when your beard is greyed out mostly or just a little, the stubble on it can look rather unwashed and sadly these rules apply even more when you are well above 50. – Russell Smith

35. Years back, I was not really a fan of talking about my own characters on T.V as I was a little timid and squirmed then and whenever I was asked whether I could comment on my character to the pleasure of my fans, I only shrug off my shoulders, now, with some self-confidence that comes with the grey beard, I flatly refuse to even talk about it – Christoph Waltz

36. The consolation and solace of beardless people come from the old saying that supports the notion that it’s not only the beard outside that counts, the beard inside of you counts as well. – Anonymous.

37. I got into the coding and developing world at a very late age and everyone I met was complementing my looks and were obviously against me not shaving and I remember rubbing some beard balms to not disappoint those people. Rory McCann

38. The logic that God’s blessings is connected to whether you shave your facial hair or not is ridiculous and so far, I’ve been trusting myself that, regardless of whether I shave or not, I’ll get whatever blessing God has got in store for me. – Matisyahu

39. My mom usually gets on and on about me growing my facial hair and even though I can’t grow my mustache, my neckbeards have been doing pretty well so far.

40. While in the middle of a romantic double date, my greys started to fall out and my wife was to the rescue as she helped use her mascara to darken the grey hairs. – Rolf Harris.

Quotes About Shaving Beards

41. My father and I had a pretty strong bond and it was one with a lot of good memories, he was a relaxed old man with a lot of humor, we looked a lot alike but unlike me, he had no beards but appeared like an elegant British nevertheless. – Michael Haneke.

42. My looks became more important to me as I transitioned from being a teenager into a man, I was growing and the need to create a lasting impression the first time I meet new people became a daily obstacle so, I grew my beard and there was a certain freedom, self-confidence and a separation from the way I looked in the past. – Matisyahu

43. Some beards look scuffled and so nasty it changes history and makes Bob Dylan’s beard look good. – Bill Walton.

44. A facelift on a woman is always noticeable with a keen look, the tightness around the ear and the scar usually gives it away and anyone that is observant enough can get to see it but with a man, you’ll have to pull the beards and the sideburn back and that’s a strange thing to do. – Tom Ford.

45. I am completely proud to be of a gender that can change their looks at will when I shave off my beards, I look like a completely different person, and my face gets a total transformation, even though it’s weird at first as my eyes are really deep and sunken. MY little son is always ranting about how I have no eyebrows. – Paul Sparks.

46. I never agreed with myself to have a facial hair until I was done with graduate school, even then I always shave it and do the trimming myself plus I change my look depending on the role given on the job.

47. Funny thing is, I had no facial hair but had to make do with a wig for “Men in Black 3”. – Mike Colter

48. Beards will always make you feel like a stranger in your own body and me as a case study, I never shaved my beards since I was a teenager and now I don’t really know what I look like. – Richie Havens

49. If you are a man with no Muslim friends or neighbors, your only experience and perspective of Muslims might come from what the media wants you to see; an angry man with beards saying some harsh and uncomfortable words that will make you want to jump out of your skin, you might end up associating that with Islam with the view that it’s all the religion is all about. – Sadiq Khan

50. Beard’s untold secret is for you to be slightly on the edge and pull back from disaster at the very last minute. – Mary Beard

Quotes On Beard Look

51. I really want to go on a journey of isolation, grow a beard, not talk to anyone nor make friends, I just want to go far away into the woods and study. – Rivers Cuomo.

52. There are mature ladies who get creeped out by giant beards and I know because they tell me. Jason Mantzoukas

53. I will never have to shave off my beards again, I once did for charity and my wife made jest of me, something about me looking like an American car with all the chrome removed. – Rolf Harris.

54. Above all else, I wish I could grow a beard – John Hodgman

55. I have discovered that whats keeping me steady in the show business is the fact that I have such a particular head of hair coupled with the ability to grow ginger beard. T.J Miller.

56. My beard plays a slight but significant factor to my presence on the mound and I must confess, it is now a part of my persona as everyone in Chicago already embraced it, it’s too late for me to ditch the looks now. – Jake Arrieta

57. I had to cut myself off from everyone, stayed within the confinement of my room and never stepped out of the house. I grew a beard and mu hair became thick as I was in there for months. For someone who had performed in front of millions of people, I was afraid to come out and see my own friends and family. It is the summary of what bipolar disorder can do to you. – Yo Yo Honey Singh

58. As a busy man, I try to cut down on the time I spend on grooming my beards every now and then, I have come to realize that a good moisturizer and a solid razor is all you need to clean up your beard to achieve that golden look. – Chris Evans.

59. Often time bearded people with a tint of white at the back of the theatre gets mistaken for a genie of some sorts and they are expected to tell the truth about whatever it is you ask them, it doesn’t work that way, most of them prefer that seat because it’s cheaper than the rest, if you need a fortune teller or someone to hand you the truth, Mount Sinai is the place to be. – Orson Welles

60. A well-groomed giant beard does a good job of distracting people from the fact that you are drowning emotionally. – Jason Mantzoukas

Beard Quotes & Beard Sayings

61. Return to your people we came here with no peaceful intent, we are here ready for a full blow battle as we are prepared to avenge our wrongs and set the country free. Let your masters come from their hiding place to attack us like men, we are ready to battle it out beard to beard. – William Wallace.

62. I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that believes dying your beards makes you look cool, I’m not that vain. – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

63. The basic thing everyone who considers himself a man should know how to do is change a tyre, drive a tractor around plus whatever it is the bearded dude on the Dos Equis beer commercials is doing that makes him look cool, every man should aim to be like him. The beard is just the tip of the iceberg. Timothy Olyphant

64. A decent beard has since time immemorial been the number one must-have fashion accessory for any fugitive from justice. – Craig brown.

65. Since I was a teen, I had thought it would be nice to grow a beard when I am of age, now I just want to rub my chin without all the hair that is on it. – Rosario Dawson.

66. I love having a beard and the funny thing is, you never realize there is more to it than the reason of you wanting to look good and funky until you shave it off and your face starts freezing like you are in the coldest part of Alaska. – Adam Scott

67. Kissing a man can be likened to the experience of going to a picnic, you don’t mind going through a little bush to get there. – Minnie Pearl

68. The ritual is shaving every now and then is a pretty cool one but for every day I trim my facial hair I get some irritation on my skin and that makes me to understand the protection a beard offers. – Chris Pine

69. Looking to have fun as a bearded man? Shave it off and wear a dress, you would look great as a female impersonator. – Simon Cowell


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