Beard Pills: What You Need to Know

Beard Pills? Why Beard Pills? What about beard pills?

With a few minutes together here, you would be getting to know comprehensively, everything and anything about the beard pill. No jokes.

But firstly, what exactly is the beard pill?

Beard pills to the beards are like condiments. In other words, they are used for the enhancement of the growth of facial hairs. As simple as that. Although there are still more to this, of which you would get to know as we move further. So, stay tuned.

Why Beard Pills?

Beard pills are simply employed into use by individuals who are keen on growing a full and blossoming beard. should you be having issues with growing a full beard, or you are a black man – meaning you would be blessed with an abundance of shrubs and redundant hair growths, then another means you can employ to grow a full beard, is the beard pill.

Asides that, the beard pill is also used by men who although have a full-grown facial hair, but isn’t still satisfied, and want to grow even more. You know, here in this sphere of the world, bearded men are equated to be gods – and it is true actually, owing to the look of masculinity, possession of command their appearances drag along, and also, the beauty they wear on their faces with the full hair. So, some people just want to keep growing, from all possible means, even after making use of beard care products which as well as the properties of stimulating beard growth. They just want to keep growing.

For these reasons, individuals make use of beard pills.

What then is/are the importance of the beard pill?

The previous question begs for an answer almost the same as this, and as such, we would treat them separately.

The importance of the beard pill is quite a few, although, each of these advantages still boils down to the fact that these pills are simply to augment the growth of the facial hairs.

Simply put, the usage of beard pills would help in increasing the levels of certain hormones in the body, which in turn stimulates the fast growth of beards.

It also helps in clearing blocked passages of blood and other important nutrients that are hindering them from reaching the facial area of the body or reducing the rate at which they are being supplied to this area.

Asides these, beard pills sometimes also help in growing clean beards. This, however, depends on the brand or type of beard growth pills that one is making use of. As well as the kinds of ingredients present in these beard pills.

How then does the beard pill works?

True, every product must have its mode of operation, as it would make absolutely no sense when a product doesn’t have a particular way it functions.

As discussed in past articles, the growth of the facial hair is solely dependent on certain hormones in the body; the DHT & Testosterone. These two which are collectively called Androgens are the main brains behind the vertical growth of the beard.

In other words, for fuller beards, such person must possess a high level of these androgens in his body system. Asides the need for a high level of DHT & Testosterone, for a fuller and thicker beards, you also need very sound androgen receptors. You know, there is no point having a tank filled to the brim with water, yet with a leaking supply pipe.

These androgen receptors are needed to be very sound and sensitive in order to cause these hormones to bind firmly together with into it, enter into the DNA, thereby triggering the growth of beards. You get the sequence, right?

So, all of these are what mainly causes the growth of beards.

Hence, how then does the beard pill work?

For the beard pill, its sole aim is to cause a better growth of the beard. Therefore, it needs to answer all of these criteria the growth of beards begs for.

The beard pills work in such a way that it boosts the rate at which testosterone is being produced in the body, increase the rate at which DHT is also produced in the body, boost the sensitivity and receptibility and density of the androgen receptors, and also provide the body with enzymatic co-factors such as multivitamins, etc.

What are the common ingredients of Beard Pills?

The common ingredients to be discussed, funnily, are stuff we should be familiar with. However, unknowingly, there offer plenty of advantages for us.

These ingredients below are drawn from those used by the top and the best brands in the beard pill market. We can’t discuss each of the ingredients, you know, there are wide options, perhaps too large for this syllabus. Lol.

So, straight-up, let’s dive deep into these ingredients:

  • Velvet Bean
  • Creatine
  • Sorghum
  • Carnitine
  • Nicotine
  • Glycine

The Velvet Bean, scientifically regarded to as Mucuna Pruriens, is an Indian herbal enhancer. Velvet Bean contains a very high level of Levodopa which in no time converts into Dopamine in the body.

The efficient generation of Dopamine in the body has been proven to aid the production of testosterone in the body; a constituent which aids the growth of beard. velvet bean also activated androgen receptors.

It is one of the ingredients usually used in the manufacture of beard pills.

Creatine. This sounds more common, right? Especially if you’re into weightlifting, and all.

Well, the creatine that you know, perhaps if you aren’t aware of this before, helps in raising the DHT and testosterone levels of the body.

Sorghum also is another ingredient that is common amongst the best beard pills available in the market at present.

Scientifically regarded to as Sorghum Bicolor, is an ancient grain which is commonly grown in Africa. As an ingredient, Sorghum extract has been proven to aid the fast production of an enzyme in the body called 5-a reductase.

Don’t be lost, we are still on the same page…

The 5-a reductase is an enzyme present in the body that causes the fast conversion of Testosterone into DHT. The DHT is a more effective hormone for the growth of beard. Don’t get me wrong; both of these hormones are effective, just that their effectiveness occurs in different levels/degrees.

Now, what does this mean? The DHT, more like a king, would help in stimulating the growth of your facial hair very fast, faster than the Testosterone. Now, with all of the hormones (DHT & Testosterone) produced in the body converts into the more effective DHT, it simply connotes a win-win situation. Hence resulting in faster and better growth of beard. Gotten? Fine!

Carnitine works on the less-discussed aspect of beard growth in this article – the androgen receptors.

As an ingredient in a beard pill, Carnitine increases the density and sensitivity of the androgen receptors in the body.

Sometimes, the inability of an individual to grow a beard as desired is due to the redundancy of the androgen receptors present in such an individual’s body. Albeit, Carnitine helps in works against this dormancy and causes such receptor to function even effectively again.

Carnitine as helps in delivering fatty acids to cells of the hair follicles, which increases the growth of beards too.

Nicotine? Yes, Nicotine! The exact ones used in tobaccos. Yes, it is that one I am referring to.

See, we are not here for some moral classes; for me, Nicotine is good! It enhances my beard growth rate. Even though we aren’t even talking about Nicotine in tobacco form, but instead as a gum – although, it is still the same Nicotine we are talking about.

Nicotine undergoes disintegration – breakdown, which in turn leads to the production of Cotinine. Now, both Nicotine and Cotinine breakdown to produce DHT. By now, I am sure you know the valiant role DHT plays in stimulating the growth of beard in humans.

However, as much as I wouldn’t encourage anybody to smoke – of which I am even against, tobacco/Nicotine can definitely hold a place of importance in several other products, of which the bead pill is.

Glycine. Okay, this is the last common ingredient we would be discussing in this article. The Glycine is an amino acid – the purest protein present in the human body. As an ingredient of a beard pill, the Glycine functions similar to Sorghum; helps in increasing the rate of production of the 5-a reductase, which in turn aids the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, thereby causing a high level of DHT in the body.

Remember, a higher level of the DHT means a better beard growth rate.  Glycine indirectly also leads to the high production of Testosterone too. Meaning, with Glycine in a beard pill, it is always a win-win situation for its users.

The Best Beard Pills Available in the Market

Having talked about the ingredients common in most of the best beard pills in the market at present, it is imperative to tell, these best beard pills in the market too.

Therefore, the best pills on the market as and now includes, but not limited to:

The Six (6) beard pills listed above are more like the best you can get in the market at present. Fine, there are a whole lot of beard pills out there, even with better reviews, remarks, and all. But, are you are that people buy reviews? Do you know people put up fake lines on the web just to generate sales? Well, now you know!

Each of the pills listed above has been tested in diverse ways, and they have proven to be trusted. And to crown it all, they all have the necessary ingredients for beard growth, amongst which are those that have been discussed in this article.

Finally, are does these beard pills have a side effect(s)?

Well, most things that have advantages would definitely have disadvantages, and the beard pills aren’t an exception either.

Beard pills have side effects. In fact, a whole lot when it becomes addictive, and funnily, the ingredients of these pills are one that makes its users get addictive.

Enough of the surface-scraping, let’s hit the nail right on the head – these side effects include;

  1. Dryness of the Skin
  2. Increased growth of body hair.
  3. Fatigue & Dizziness
  4. Acne
  5. Allergies: This includes but not limited to, vomiting, rashes, swelling of some body parts, etc.
  6. High blood sugar level
  7. Skin breakout
  8. Impaired Sight

Basically, these are the side effects you might encounter owing to your usage of the beard growth pills. However, these side effects are all dependent on the way you are taking these doses. Many a time, you won’t get to experience more than one of these side effects, or better still, none.

Conclusion on the Beard Pills

We made a promise at the beginning of this article. Have we fulfilled that? Well, I guess yes!

Left to me, we have touched every aspect of the beard pill – each of the questions that need to be answered has been adequately answered.

Should you need to know more about the beard pills? I am still available at the comment section of this post! Let us get interactive – I promise to answer to the best of my knowledge, you trust me for information now, right?

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