Can Head Lice Live In Beards

Can Head Lice Live In Beards

Can Head Lice Live In Beards: Firstly what are head lice? Any infection by head lice, pubic lice or body lice is called Pediculosis. Head lice are ectoparasites of humans that live on the scalp on the human head and suck blood. Head lice infestation is the most common among small school children but adult humans can contract it as well. Head lice have six legs and their legs are quite short making it hard for them to jump, even walking around on the scalp could pose a big problem for them. They can’t fly too. Head lice that are, the species of the lice that live on the head, has the scientific name, Pediculus humanus capitis. Head lice are very different from pubic lice and body lice. Head lice don’t cause an infection but the only problem Head lice can cause is a cosmetic problem rather than a medical problem like body lice. Head lice can result in scalp itching too.

So can head lice live in beards?

So, maybe you know someone around you who just got Head lice infestation and you want to be sure if Head lice can live in beards since you have beards. The answer is that head lice are very specific in the type of hair they live in. There is a reason why they are called “Head” lice. Their structural adaptation is for the head and scalp and also the head’s hair. And even if they stay in your beard, they really can’t cope there for long..¬† If you happen to find a head louse or two in your beard, just pick them out, blow dry, after washing thoroughly with strong shampoo.

Can head lice live in short hair?

Yes, they can. Head lice can live in short hair very well. Although they usually tend to go for longer hair, that doesn’t mean that people with short hair are immune to them. Head lice generally don’t give much of a care to hairstyles or hair length. They usually attach themselves 1/4 inches away from your scalp and that is a really really low length as you can see. Unless of course, you don’t have any hair on your head and then I must say you are pretty much free from head lice infestation. So, yes, Head lice can live in short hair very well.

Can head lice live on body hair?

No. Head lice cannot live on body hair at all. Head lice need fresh blood from the scalp to survive, it also needs enough hair to cling to. Head lice can only live on the head, scalp and the head’s hair. It needs enough hair to cling to whereas, crab lice or pubic lice, on the other hand, might be found in body hair, chest hair, or facial hair.

Do head lice live in pillows?

Head lice cannot survive outside a human host for more than 24 hours before they die. So, yes they can stay in pillows but that is until they find a human to attach themselves to and then find their way to the scalp. If you know you live with someone with head lice infestation, you might want to stay away from sharing pillows and pillowcases with them. Why? Because head lice can definitely lurk in pillows.

How do I know if I have body lice, beard lice or head lice? What are some symptoms?

So how do you know if you have got head lice infestation? What are some of the symptoms that you have?

1. Itchiness

You can start to feel itchiness in your head and scalp as a result of lice bites. Although, when you first get lice infestation with maybe one or two lice in your scalp, you might not feel anything as they got plenty, there is a tendency for your body to develop an allergic reaction to the bites and thus itching can be an allergic reaction to lice bites and infestation. So, one symptom you should look out for when trying to know if you’ve got lice infestation should be, is the hair on your head being irritatingly itchy? If it is, then it is time to watch out for possible lice!

2. Tickly feeling

Another symptom that you might have got lice is having a tickly feeling or feeling like something is moving in your hair. This is also characteristic of other types of lice infestation including body and pubic lice infestation. This is due to their movement in your hair.

3. Sores

Another sign that you have lice in your head is when you scratch the itchy parts in your scalp, and sores start to develop due to the scratching. Then you know that perhaps, lice have been biting and sucking your blood and you have been scratching it and now, you have sores as a result of the scratching.

4. Another symptom of lice infestation is when you spot nits that are, lice eggs in your hair.

These nits are small lice eggs that when left, and when in favourable conditions, will hatch into tiny lice and grow. They are tiny and white. So you know that once you spot these things in your hair, then definitely some lice infestation has been going on. Start treatment immediately.

How to get rid of lice in your beard, body hair or head?

After reading the symptoms of possible lice infestation and then maybe you think you have it. The next thing to think about is if you can cure it. Yes, you can cure it. If you are not too sure that you have a lice infestation, you might want to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. So, how do you get rid of lice? What are some medications you can use to get rid of this irritating infestation?

1. Consult your doctor

It is very dangerous to self-prescribe or self-medicate, but if you think you have lice infestation, then just go see your doctor for proper evaluation. If after evaluation, your doctor says you have lice, then they will prescribe medications for you to use. So, the first step in treating lice infestation is to see your doctor. Your doctor will guide you on medication use.

2. If you don’t have access to a doctor, you can try combing and nitpicking

There is a special comb called Nit Free Terminator, which you can buy on Amazon here.

You can use it to comb your hair. You will need to divide your hair into sections and comb thoroughly. This is efficient in removing head lice and the nits. You can remove all the nits and the lice in your hair and scalp through the use of this tool and a mirror. You can also use the help of another person for this.

3. Use products with Pyrethrins or Pyrethrum


Products with these two ingredients like the Rid lice killing shampoo are very effective in killing and in getting rid of lice in the hair. You can buy the Rid lice killing shampoo here on Amazon, it works amazingly well!

4. Get Permethrin lotions like Nix

Permethrin is the active ingredient in products like Nix which you can buy from Amazon here.

Permethrin works as well as Pyrethrin works to attack lice.

How do you use this?

After shampooing your hair and while it is still damp, add enough of the Nix lotion to your hair and let it sit in for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse it out and comb thoroughly. Remember that when combing, you should divide your hair into sections then use the Nit Free Terminator Comb suggested above to comb through your hair. It is important to comb your hair out after application.

5. Clean all items that might have come in contact with an infected person.

Items like pillows, combs, bedspreads, and clothes should be washed and inspected thoroughly for any lurking lice or nits. Prevention is definitely better than cure, so make sure that your environment is very free from any source of lice or nits and you are indirectly keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from lice infestation. Do a thorough housekeep and cleaning.

What causes lice infestation in the different body areas like head, pubic and body?

Head lice are contagious that is, head lice infestation can be spread from person to person. One thing that can cause head lice infestation is sharing personal items like comb, towels, pillows, and clothes with someone that has been infected. Also, head-to-head contact with someone that has been infected can cause lice to crawl into the recipient’s hair. Lice crawl, so they crawl from the infected person’s head to the new recipient’s head and grow there.

Can you feel lice in your body hair, head or beard?

Yes. It is possible for you to feel lice crawling in your hair. Infact, one of the symptoms that you may have contacted lice is that you feel a crawling sensation in your hair. And then, if you can feel a crawling sensation in your beard, then that is a good sign that you can feel lice. So, yes, you can feel lice crawling through your hair but it will probably be just a tickling sensation.

How to check for lice

You obviously can’t check for lice by yourself. It is going to be very hard for you to thoroughly examine your hair for lice by yourself. But you can get someone else to help you with this.

What do you need the person to do?

Tell the person to divide your hair into sections and to look near the scalp. Lice are commonly found a half to a quarter of an inch from the scalp. Once the person spots a small crawling object that is grey to white in colour, then that is a louse. The person should immediately pull it out of course. Look through the whole hair this way.

Home remedies for lice

Apart from searching for chemicals that could kill lice instantly. There are also some home ingredients that are in your kitchen that can definitely work in killing lice. Some of them are;

1. Mayonnaise

The aim of using mayonnaise on the hair is in hopes that, it will suffocate the lice and kill the nits.

How to apply.

Use the mayonnaise to cover your entire head from scalp to the hair tip. Then, use a shower cap to cover your hair overnight. The next morning, wash out the mayonnaise using a dishwashing soap several times. And used a lice picking comb to comb through your own hair.

2. Coconut oil

Use solid white coconut oil. Though this works just as effectively as mayonnaise, in trapping the lice in the hair and keeping oxygen out, thereby effectively suffocating them. Also, the solid coconut oil has a natural and tropical smell that is pleasant to the nostrils. Try it!

3. Blow drying

Blow drying is an effective way of killing nits which are lice eggs in your hair before they hatch and turn into adult lice. Set your blowdryer to the highest setting and blow.

How to avoid getting lice

Just like the popular saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. You can avoid contacting lice by taking some simple preventive measures like;

1. Avoid sharing items that involve a lot of head contact with another person

Items like scarves, towels, combs, hair clips, headsets, brushes helmets and so on. Because these things have close contact with the head and they can cause the transfer of lice.

2. Try to reduce the amount of head-to-head contact you have with other people

You really can’t tell from a person’s look if they have lice or not, but you certainly can stop having head to head contact with people. This is so as to reduce your risk of contracting lice. Stay careful and vigilant.

Conclusion on Can Head Lice Live In Beards

The original question you asked if head lice can live in beards is what led to this explanatory article on head lice. What we concluded on in this article, is that Head lice cannot live in beards. It is not their natural habitat and also beards hair might be more difficult for them to navigate through than in the scalp. The type of lice most likely to get into the beard is the body lice and the pubic lice, which is also known as Crab lice. Head lice infestation is very preventable and also very curable too.

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