Things To Learn When You Are Growing A 1-Year Beard

Let’s take a full ride on 10 things to learn when you are growing a 1-year beard. We all know during puberty stage most guys experiments with facial hair, but that is not the deal, the real work is when you decide to fully commit to growing a beard, along with the patience, maintenance, and confidence needed to move through both the highs and lows of initial boardsmanship.

We’ll always support you in that noblest of bearded quests, that why we have come up with this content to prepare you for the future when you grow a 1-year beard. Even if your beard has passed this stage you can still read this, who knows if one of your buddies will need it later.

You look Masculine

When you have a beard, people will see you have a mature guy and not looking at your age. Beard serves as an image of manliness because it is mostly developed by men. When you have facial hair even if it is rough or well shaved it influences you to look solid and striking, which are intensely connected with masculinity.

When you plan to grow a beard, you planned to be a man, no matter how your beard looks, it will still make you look like a man.

As long you are a male, you can never run from the young beard, either when young or old, you will surely have this. Shaving your beard will make you less manly, so just stick to a perfect beard

You look more mature

There are times you will wish to look older and more mature than your present stage, you wish to look more like a man and you should know that the perfect way is by growing a beard. When your beard is about 1- year old you will experience this, having a beard and not having it can modify your age by up to five or six years.

A full-bearded guy can leave you in awe when he mentions his age. Beard influences you to look older.

With a 1-year old beard above, people will think you are older and more mature because this is a general mentality around the globe, you can never run from this, so be prepared to keep hearing this tune once your beard is growing above 1-year.

You get this thinker look

People seem to build this mentality that once you have a full beard, you are a craftsman, a scholar, an artist, an artist or an author. If you go into the history books, you will see that noble and great men in the past were all members of the beard gang.

Like Confucius, Jesus, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and Jim Morrison they all had a beard, so this makes people build that mentality once you have a beard. When you have a 1-year beard it will make you look like an astute individual.

Facial hair doesn’t grow evenly 

When you start to assume that your beard will grow perfectly, then you are on the wrong path. Newbies growing a beard are addicted to this belief that their beards will just grow evenly.

Even the hair on our head does not grow equally, therefore, don’t expect your beard to also grow equally. There’s always some sort of discrepancies, especially as men age and their hair patterns begin to evolve. Beards, of course, are no different.

When your beard is a 1-year beard or during the time your beard will clock a year, you will start to detect the growth patterns of your facial hair, knowing that maybe your mustaches grow slower or that hair starts growing in above their cheekbones only after a week or two of not shaving.

After your beard is one year, you will understand your beard better than anyone, you will know that all beards are unique just like a fingerprint.

Individuals treat you differently with a beard

The same way people will treat you when you change your dressing, look or style that is the way you will also be treated when you grow a beard.

For the first few months to a year, you may still be treated the same way but the more your beard grows the more you’ll see individuals suddenly seeing you.

You will hear a lot during this period because everyone will have their view, they will see you as someone different but the more you keep your beard the more people will get accustomed to it.

So, don’t use this situation to go cut off your beard, it will get to a stage that they won’t even notice the change in your beard any longer.

Anytime you pass by other bearded men like you, you will be treated will come with some sort of respect because they know what you passed through to get to that stage.

Everybody is curious about your beard

You may walk past a well-known park and that old man will say aloud, WTF! when did you grow this? Everyone around you will inquire about your beard, all this will happen during the first year of your beard, different questions will be thrown at you, every day, “Is it cool in there? How do you feel? Can I touch it?”

It is now left to you to choose the one to answer.

Let’s take the general view, it will be more attractive and sexier, ladies will flock around you, you will be asked different questions repeating the same answer every day, you can even decide to lecture them about the beard, this can make you make some cool cash once you do it the right way.

Most people will assume it is a face phase

As we all know that during puberty, most guys experience this while some don’t, so people will assume your growing bread is a phase not knowing it isn’t.

Every guy with a beard out there, have a story to tell how they passed through each stage of their growing beards. it’s not why you began growing a beard that issues rather, it’s the reason you proceeded with that truly clarifies why you’ve embraced the beards man way of life.

Some set out of the individual might not accept it us a face in life, they will want to know how and why you got the beard, whether you choose to grow a facial hair essentially because you figured it would influence you to look cool, it doesn’t generally make a difference.

Everybody has an opinion about your beard

Everyone you meet has there owned personal opinion about your beard, you should be well prepared to hear “Hey, you look like a monster in that beard” and “wow, you look amazing in your new look, I want to know how you did this”

This is majorly two types of people you will meet, for” or “against” individual, just listen to a little of the talks and zoom off, because once you start to allow the negative comment get inside you, then you are close to shaving off your beard.

You can receive negative comments from the older ladies around, they will nag you on your new look, while guys around will mostly give you a thumbs up for that. Some ladies are going to flock around you because of your new look they will keep admiring it.

Just keep it in mind everyone has a feeling about it, as long as you remain consistent with yourself and ooze certainty, your facial hair is probably not going to separate you and a young lady or fellow.

Some men cut off their beards for a different personal reason, some might cut it off because they want to stay away from dandruff and lice from attacking it, which can be a migraine. But looking out the advantages of keeping your beard, then you won’t mind going through a tough time in keeping it clean.

It’s never too soon to use a good quality beard oil

Some buddies out there believe that a 1-year beard is still young to use beard oil, that is a big mistake from their side, the advantages of utilizing oils is key to your bearding achievement, when you tell some guy you want to get beard oil for your few months to appear beard, they will tell you the oil won’t help you with the tangling of the beard but what you don’t know is that it will help with your facial hair non-abrasiveness.

When you make use of quality beard oil for your beard at an early stage, this will give you more advantages of having a cool and nice beard. Don’t let anyone mislead you, you can get beard oil for your beard at an early stage even before it clocks a year old.

Tolerance, and the Passing of Time

Growing of beard is not for a man who believes he will plant a seed today and it will germinate tomorrow, an exercise will greatly help your beard. You can’t just expect a seed to grow without watering it. Growing a 1-year beard will make you learn a lot of things like tolerance, been patient, overcoming hard and difficult times.

You will find many people shaving their beards just a few months into this, they could not stand the itching and the irritation any longer. This is due to a lack of patience and tolerance. Nothing good comes easy, so you need to grow through the tough times and to be patient with the way your beard grows.

This is also one of the reasons, you will gain respect from all other bearded guys around, because they know what it takes to get to that stage of yours.

Once you can overcome this stage, then you are man, and to those who keep cutting their beards because they can’t just pass through this stage and lack tolerance, you will find it hard adapting in some hard situation in life. So you need to teach yourself now for the better of tomorrow.

You will find yourself looking at the old memories

This is common to all bearded men, you will find your self-looking at that old picture and two feelings will come up in your mind; I like the new me and how I wish I never had a beard.

Just take your time to brush through these memories because they are just for quite some time, you will move on with your new look, and the advantages attached to this new look will make you wipe off your old memories within short days.

Submitting yourself and your opportunity to grow a beard truly has an impact on you and how you start to see the world and, all the more vitally, how you see yourself.

Presently you have seen things you should be aware of when you grow a 1-year beard. Whether your beard is more than a year, or even if it is just a few months old, this article is just great for you. It will set you up for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Long Does It Take To Grow Full Beard?

It takes 1 or 3 months to start growing beard hairs after creating the idle environment needed for beard growth, but do you know the number of months or years it takes to grow a full beard? There is no precise answer to this owing to differences in the ways the body system reacts to the environment.

However, it is safe to conclude that it will take a maximum of six years.

How Long Can A Beard Grow In A Year?

There is no definitive answer to how long a beard can grow in 1 year. It might Mr. A six months to grow an eight-inch long beard whilst Mr. B may never be able to achieve that much growth in 2 years.

How Can I Grow The Longest Beard I Can?

For you to grow the longest beard you can and gets a serious amount of beard envy, there are things you must do to ensure proper beard hair growth and maintenance.

  • Eat right
  • Get rid of ingrown of hair
  • Keep your skin and hair clean
  • Moisturize with beard oil
  • Comb or brush it regularly
  • Stop taking of cigarettes
  • Exercise
#1. Eat Right

Eating right will ensure the right nutrient needed by the hair follicles are being produced. As someones who are interested in beard growth, the majority of your daily consumptions should contain vitamins and other essential diets.

While you eat fruits they will create the ideal environment needed for beard growth bu increasing the level of folic acid in the body system. To increase the level of folic acid you should include whole-grain cereals and bread in the foods you consume daily. Green vegetables, peas, and nuts are not exempted.

Also, make sure foods that contain biotin other ingredients that help beard growth. Biotin can be found in Oysters, liver, bananas, and cauliflower.

#2. Exercise

Exercising can help produce testosterone which is one of the major chemicals needed for beard growth. This can be done without going to the gym center. You can make use of the stair instead of elevators.

#3. Sleep

If you want to grow the beard you need to sleep. Staying up all night won’t help. To grow your beard to the fullest you must take your nap accordingly, it will help reduce your stress level.

#4. Proper Skin Care

If you are the type that finds it difficult to give your skin the attention it needs like you are less concerned if it is full of dirt. You are not ready to grow beards. Dirt that accumulates on the face can block the hair follicles which may prevent beard from growing.

To prevent things like this from happening what you need to do is; make sure to wash your face after you are done cleaning the gardening, back from work or do anything that generates dust.

You can also make the eucalyptus exfoliant mask, apply it to your face at least twice a week. If you do this continuously your chance of growing beard as some from Asia will increase.

Can Anyone Grow Long Beard?

No, everyone can grow a long beard.


Here you have read on 10 Things To Learn When You Are Growing A 1-Year Beard, how long it will take to grow full beards and factors that can affect your beard from growing fully. Do you have any questions to ask? Kindly make use of the comment box.

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