Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards?

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards? – Beards have become the trend lately. With a lot of men wanting to join the beard gang. It comes as no surprise especially if you consider the many benefits you stand to gain from it when you grow one. Why do you want to grow your beards? We know there are several reasons why men want to grow their beards, and we will be looking at the several reasons in this article. Men that are clean shaven and with no beards have been accused of having a baby face, which is sort of true if you look at it. When photos of a man with thick beards and a man with a clean-shaven face are brought together, you will notice that the more matured looking, confident looking and fearless-looking man will be the man with beards.

Beards just totally enhance your look as a man. If you are having issues with people thinking of you as a not-so-manly man, then you should consider opting for a beard. Beards upgrade your look. They make you more attractive to the opposite sex and more masculine and yes, sexy!

Looking to win a date with a lady you have had your eyes on for a while? Why not grow a beard? It will instantly increase the likelihood of your lady accepting your dating proposal! Why and how is this possible? Because as a bearded man, you look more like a man and she can sense it! Trust me, ladies are very particular about looks!

So what are some reasons some men have decided to grow their beards and maybe this will help answer the question on why do you want to grow your beards. Here we go!

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards Reason 1 – The need to be a part of the beard gang?

Seriously yes! Some men just want to know the answer to the question, ‘what are all these shouts about being a part of the beard gang about though?’ What does it all mean? So, from this place of longing to answer the question, is where some people decide to take a huge jump into growing their own beards. So for some category of men, the longing to know how it feels to be a part of the prestigious beard gang is a big motivation for them deciding to grow their beards. They just want to feel it too. They don’t want to be excluded. Perhaps most of their friends are already a member of the beard gang… And they don’t want to be left out. So, in that situation what do they do? They stop shaving and start growing their beards. Most of the trends that have become popular have been popular because people wanted to feel
what it’s like if they joined in too. The same thing goes for clothes’ trends, hairstyle trends, and fashion trends. It all comes from the place of belonging. That sense of belonging.

A lot of people want to belong. And yes, for this reason, they stop using the razor and bam! They are growing their beards. So, as weird and maybe not weird, this first reason may seem, it really is a huge motivator and a big reason why a lot of men give their beards and facial hair a chance at growing out. They just want to be a part of the growing trend. They want to be a part of the beard gang!

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards Reason 2 – Laziness?

Yes, we know this is funny right? But seriously, some men just grow beards because they are lazy and are usually unmotivated to shave off their facial hair. It really is not that these men are lazy though. It is just that the process of shaving off facial hair and beards is quite tedious and time-consuming, and these men perhaps don’t have much time and don’t like the idea of wasting precious moments of their life on shaving when they could as well go for a better alternative and that is to leave their beard to grow. So yes, some men just decide to grow their beards because they don’t like to shave. They hate the process of shaving and the amount of time and energy it consumes.

Also, they see the obvious advantages of growing your beards very clearly and so decide to just give up the shaving that they don’t like naturally and opt in for an easier option. And keeping the beards is truly a easier process than shaving off hair everyday just to have a clean shaven face. So, a part of the reason why some men keep beards is to just save themselves stress and avoid wasting their time and energy and be able to convert these time and energy to the things that actually matter. So, this second point above is one of the reasons why some men decide to keep their beards. They just don’t like the stress of shaving and prefer to go for the easier option that is also quite stylish.. And that easier option is to just go for growing their beards.

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards Reason 3 –  Dominance?

Dominance is probably the evolutionary reason why men evolved to grow beards. That is, from the evolutionary perspective. Have you ever noticed how significantly different a bearded man looks when compared to a clean shaved man? There is a lot of difference. The bearded man will always look more matured, grown and a bit aggressive than the clean shaved guy. Infact, clean shaved men have been accused of looking child like or baby faced because of how different they look from bearded men. This shows that beards exude dominance. They exude strength. Beards exude confidence and aggression. Most men don’t want to be seen as weak. They want to be strong. Beards offer a unique opportunity there. It gives the impression of a strong man even if the said man is not. Dominance was a very important attribute during the ancient times as men had to go out and fight to protect and provide.

They needed something to up their looks to be a bit more forceful. And voila! Evolution brought about beards. So, one of the main reasons why some men choose to grow their beards is for dominance and ego reasons. It compels all other men to respect and sort of, fear the bearded man. This is another key and indeed interesting reason why some men decide that facial hair will be their thing. Because they want to achieve the rugged, confident, alpha and aggressive look! l these looks combine to give the main definition of dominance. And dominance is attractive to some women too! Not all women though, but quite a number of women find dominance repulsive.

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards Reason 4 – Warmth?

A lot of men have reported to the realization that they didn’t know their beard had been keeping them warm in cold times until they shaved it off. Then after shaving it off, reality kicked in and they realized their cheeks and neck started getting colder and they had an urge to bring back their beards. Beards provide warmth to the facial region. They feel like a built in scarf and if your beard is long enough, it can feel like an hoodie. Some men grow their beards for this same reason. To keep their face warm especially in cold weather and in winter seasons. Beards warm up the face and prevent cold hair from penetrating your face. Beards are the perfect companion to have as a man during those really cold months.

They are like your natural scarfs. So why won’t some men choose to grow them? They have a whole lot of benefits of which this is one of them. That is, to shield you from the cold. How cool! So, you want to know another reason why some men decide to stop shaving and grow their beards? Well for some, it is because of the level of warmth that beards give in cold conditions.

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards Reason 5 – In order to look more attractive?

A lot of men grow their beards for the primary reason of looking more attractive. Since beards cause a man to look better and well groomed, it is no surprise that a lot of men will find themselves going for the bearded look. Beards make a man look more matured and handsome, and ladies can sense that a man looks more matured than the other man.

Ladies as you know, always have a great preference for good looking men because they are hotter! And yes, beards are hot so it should come as no surprise to you if a lady you know, opts for a bearded man over a clean shaven man. The beards are just too irresistible. She simply can’t resist! A lot of men will go out to hunt for beard growth creams, beard boosting vitamins and foods.. All these are just to grow a beard in order to impress the ladies. As absurd as it is and sounds, it is a very common phenomenon! Very, very common… So, the need to look appealing is a huge drive as to why men choose to grow their beards. It might not be the most common reason, we should give that to Dominance, but it sure follows dominance in the rank. People all over the world want to look appealing and forever gorgeous and they would do anything to achieve such look. We have seen people go through hip enlargement, butt surgeries, lip plumping, go on weight lifting sprees just to get six packs and so on. So it should not come as a shock if people also keep beards that take time to grow, just to look desirable. Really, no surprise. And this is a totally good thing you know. If you are a part of the clique of guys, who stopped shaving and kept beards just to look good, you are so right! You are following the right path. What do we mean here?  Nature originally intended for men to loom like that, until we invented blades, razors and clippers and cut off all that beneficial hair. So if you are returning back to nature’s path, then you are doing the world good and for that you deserve a thumbs up!

Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards Reason 6 – For some men, it is just part of their public persona and style

We all know some classic TV personalities that when you remember them, you can’t just picture them without their beards. For some of these men, it is part of their public style. Part of the public image they are trying to build. There are a number of Nigerian celebrities that we bet you have never seen without their beard. Men like Phyno the musician, Richard Mofe Damijo with his white stubble beard style, Gabriel Afolayan with his very thick short and full beard and a host of other Nigerian famous men. You simply can not imagine them without their beards. It is a huge part of how the public sees them. So, in answer to your question, this point tells you that some men grow their beards because of the particular style they want to have in the public eye. The beard is just part of their signature style. Can you imagine seeing Banky W without his well shaped stylish and classy beard? No. Never! It rhymes with the fact that he has all the hair on his head shaved. It makes his well shaped beard stand out.

So, those are six reasons stated above of why some men decide to keep beards. We are very sure you agree with all of them. If you have any personal reason you chose to grow your beard that wasn’t stated above, do let us know. We appreciate feedback. One obvious reason why a lot of men will definitely opt for growing their beard is because there are a lot of many benefits that come with it. Beards are just awesome! Really, they are one of nature’s best gifts to you as a man. You had better grow it, nurture it, take care of it, cherish it and love it. There are some men that wish so much to be part of the beard gang but their beard just isn’t growing for one reason or the other.

What this means is that if you can grow your beard out fully, be grateful! Thank your stars! No really, get on your knees right now and thank your stars! To be frank and jokes aside, beards are to be cherished and what’s not to keep them?? In fact, the question you should be asking is, ‘Why aren’t all men on beards?!’ Considering how wonderful a gift it is.

So Why Do You Want To Grow Your Beards? Care to share?

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