Philips Self-Sharpening Blades (Detailed Review 2021)

Let’s Talk About The Philips Self-Sharpening Blades Whenever a clipper or trimmer is referred to as a self-sharpening blade, it means its blade can sharpen itself without you stressing yourself to sharp it on a rough surface. Philips self-sharpening blades clippers are one of the best and most popular. For this reason, I have decided … Read more

Best Stone For Sharpening Clipper Blades

In my recent post, I showed you how you can sharpen your clipper blades without using a stone. There, we looked at different methods to sharpen clippers like a pro at home using available resources apart from clipper blades sharpening machines. However, if sharpening stone is the best available tool for your clipper blades, then … Read more

Wahl Self-Sharpening Blades Review

Wahl Self-Sharpening Blades Wahl clippers are mostly self-sharpening blades. They are blades with precision-honed steel blades of a WAHL® Clipper; they are known for accuracy and durability. WAHL®’s self–sharpening is made with high carbon steel blades in which the precision is made to stay sharper longer. Just in case you are in a rush, here is a table … Read more

Best Sharpener For Clipper Blades

Looking for the best sharpener for clipper blades, then you should remain on this page. I realized that a number of people are having problems finding the best sharpener for clipper blades and we are going to do justice to that here. In this post, I will show you one of the highest quality sharpening … Read more

Best Clippers for Waves

Are you looking for the Best Clippers for Waves? Waves are a hairstyle that is mainly for curly hair, in which you brush or comb the curls and then flatten out, creating a ripple-like pattern. You can achieve the hairstyle with a short-cropped haircut and consistent brushing or combing of the curls and then support … Read more

Ideal Afro Beard Trimmer for Black Men

As a black-bearded man, finding an afro beard trimmer can be hard. You might experience painful cutting sensations along with skin without the right trimmer. This is because black males face some very specific problems due to the particularities of their facial hair. It is for this reason that I’ve come up with this guide. … Read more