Has The Beard Gang Come To Stay?

Has the Beard gang come to stay? Its no longer news that a man without beards is regarded as a toddler. Yikes.

Today, growing a beard is commonplace among the youth and middle-aged men in an African country. It’s become a trend, and not minding wherever or once it all started, many folks are currently seen sprouting completely different kind of beards.

It all started when man started growing hair all over the body.

Why Grow A Beard?

the beard gang

A beard is that the assortment of facial hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans and a few animals. In humans, solely adolescent or adult males are ready to grow beards.

However, it’s commonplace to determine some females sporting facial hairs.

What People Say About A Beard

the beard gang

The chief officer of Pioneer amusement, David Oga, shared his expertise grooming a beard.

He said, “I invariably love individuals with beards as a result of the fact that they carried themselves with some kind of personal magnetism departure individuals idea their actual age.”

In David’s read, a beard is central to a man’s masculinity, because it demonstrates strength, intelligence, and responsibility amongst alternative manly qualities. “Wearing a beard offers a way of maturity, intelligence, and responsibility, that comes with some kind of ‘male pride’,” he said.

Stay with me here.

He explained more, that the length of your time it takes to grow a beard is typically 2 to 6 months, reckoning on genes and also the sort and beard style.

“There are differing kinds of beards – just like the strap, goatee, extreme beard, French fork, the anchor, full beard and crusader – all of them take time to groom.

“But, it depends on genes and also the length you want. Mine did not take time to grow, simply some months as a result of I’m naturally hairy,” he said.

Gowing beards have its ups and downs. Maintenance of beards needs brushing, shampooing and learning with beard oil, beard balm, hair wax, beard chemical and alternative things required to stay it clean.

These things, population gathered, don’t come back low-cost, David explained that point, patience, and cash are needed for grooming beards.

“Maintaining my beard isn’t a child’s play, I’ve got to go to the salon weekly to remain in form and invariably look neat. I wear my beard with a coffee cut thus, I invariably should treat, trim and air low cut.”

“You cannot have a beard and be rough; it needs you to invariably keep neat thus you’ll be able to be revered and not be seen as unkempt,” he stressed.

At numerous times within the history of human beings, social attitudes towards beards are influenced by dominant international fashion, non-secular and cultural traditions, a visiting post-doctoral investigator at North-West University, Republic of South Africa, Dr. Kayode Esuola, has said.

As a dominant fashion, he said, “It’s sort of a cyclone, once it’s on, nobody dares stop it. Non-secular trend too create individuals grow beards, keep in mind in Leviticus 21:5, (KJV) that reads ‘They shall not create any hairlessness on their heads, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beards, nor create any cuts in their flesh’.

In Islam, growing a beard is encouraged, he said, adding that, “Beards, like breasts, love and relationships, are natural to humanity, let nobody cut them off once they grow.”

Certain factors confirm keeping of beards, he said, and listed mood and skin sort.

“You get up in the future and desire ever-changing your look. that is the mood. Some guys suffer bumps once they shave, in order that they keep their beards against their can,” he added.

Despite the speed at which the beard trend is growing, some aren’t comfy growing it, however, are compelled by health reasons to stay facial hair.

Hiccups in Beard Grooming

Samuel, a resident in the Nigerian capital, said, “I have serious beard bumps around the hair follicles on my face once I shave and also the itch causes serious discomfort. i used to be suggested by my doctor to let the hair be. Mine is only for health reasons.”

Women have invariably taken the front seat in driving any fashion trend.

The case isn’t completely different from the facial hair trend. to point out their love for this new fashion, some girls have taken to numerous social media platforms to celebrate their partners United Nations agency have joined the gang, people who don’t have, post photos of bearded men as their crush.

“I would rather have a bearded man than a person with no beard. I feel softer and guarded once am around them. I conjointly wish to play with it, that’s the women talking.

Commenting on this, I get plenty of compliments from girls since I started grooming my beard. I assume they are passionate about it. As the locution goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison, thus as several could love beards some do not admire it. (who cares?)

I could go on and on, but let’s just park here.

Cool, so now you know why you should grow your beard and if you just can’t, I would recommend you head HERE and find the answer to your beard problems.

Why The Beard Gang Has Come To Stay

the bearded gang

First, what is even a BEARDGANG?

A BEARDGANG is or is a group of well-bearded men, who come together to promote the beard family.

Hope that was an easy one.

Ok so back to the question, has the beard gang come to stay? I would say YES.

Now looking at artists like Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) Ice Prince, David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido), Noble Igwe, Desmond Elliot a host of others, are well bearded, in fact are members of beard gang and this has really given them a big stand in their respective industries.

You might be wondering, why I said beard gang in Nigeria have come to stay? Ok below are reasons why I said so:

1. Celebrities joined the train

2. Sign of Maturity

3. Women love the bearded man.

4. The bearded men are perceived as more masculine and strong

5. More attractive

6. Man! You got the job

7. Confidence booster

8. Jibola Dabo says “Growing a beard, carves out new identity”

Popular Nigerian Actor, Pete Edochie ‘I can’t shave off my beard even for $1m’Apart from his wife and children, Pete Edochie’s most cherished possession today is his beard.

9. Its now an investment

10. Money could be made

How can you be a part of my beard gang

Alright, congratulations for reading up to this part. Becoming a part of the beard gang is pretty simple:

1. Grow some beard

2. Head over to mybeardgang.com

3. Drop your details in the comment saying you want to be a part of MY BEARD GANG.

You don’t have a Beard?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Find your way into our contents section and you will surely find your answers..

In conclusion, Growing a beard in the first place attracts a lot of criticism. When growing a beard naturally, people begin to look at you mockingly. If growing a thicker beard doesn’t make people look at you like you’ve got some jobless ideas up your sleeves, they may look at you with disdain. Here, the beard gang Nigeria is a little bit not as accepted a community as the individual members would like to be. But really, it’s fine, Its here to stay, don’t be left out.

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