Top 10 Realistic Fake Beards On Amazon

Top 10 Realistic Fake Beards On Amazon: Are you thinking of rocking a beard for a date? Do you need a beard for your character in a play? or Do you need just a temporary Beard? If your answer is yes! Welcome on board because this is for you.

Do you think all Beards are real? You’re in for a big surprise. This article will sweep you off your feet.

The facial hair especially the Beard is the latest fashion piece making waves among men. Apart from the fabulous look a beard gives, It is also a sign of authority and masculinity.

For that reason, most men crave the beard. 6 out of every 10 men you see on the street have a beard. But do you know that not all Beards are real? There are a host of Realistic fake beards on Amazon.

While some men can groom a Beard, many aren’t so lucky. Genetics play a major role in this. Everyone wants to rock a beard, unfortunately, some people can do nothing but settle for a babyface.

While some Beard products provide a solution to this, it doesn’t work all the time, and when it does, the growth rate is slow.

Are you thinking of rocking a beard for a date? Do you need a beard for your character in a play? or Do you need a temporary Beard?

If your answer to one of these questions is a “yes” worry not because you’re at the right place.

You can rock that Drake-like beard you’ve been dreaming of in seconds and the good news is that no one gets to notice that is fake. It looks so much like a real beard.

Be it a Yeard or corporate Beard you can get it in one second. There is a host of Realistic fake beards on Amazon but we focus on the best.

Our top ten list of realistic fake beards on Amazon is the best you can ever get. Are you excited? You have to be, you are just words away from finding that awesome beard you want.

Top 10 Realistic Fake Beards – Top Recommendations

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Top 10 Realistic Fake Beards – Detailed Review

Viking Dwarf Fake Beard

You would have most likely seen this beard used by characters on adventure movies like Viking, into the Badlands, Spartacus, and Xena. Chinese movie characters use this a lot. You’ve probably wondered for long if their long beards are real.

I was fascinated as well. I have seen movies where a character had a clean shaved face and in the subsequent movie had a long Beard. This got me thinking, I asked myself how they could groom a beard within a short while.

I know many people have the same thought I had. You may be surprised by what I’m about to say, but nevertheless, the truth is this – None of those Beards are real. They are 100% fake.

The Viking beard is one of those used by numerous characters to replicate the warrior-like look. This beard can be used as a costume in the school play but if you’re the ‘gutsy’ type, you can choose to set the street on fire by rocking it outdoor.

This beard is self- adhesive and comes with a 3M plaster that you can use to attach to the skin. You do not need to worry about allergens or side effects, the beard is friendly to your skin.

Like your normal Beard, it can be trimmed, combed, and shaped with a wet hand or spray.

Interested in this realistic fake beard on Amazon? Check it out here.

Philosopher Fake Beard

If you want a beard like Socrates or Plato, Mustaches philosopher fake beard is the one for you. This beard type is long, soft and comes in different colors and styles.

It is attached by plaster to the backside of the chin. It comes with an anti-allergy that prevents any side effect from coming up. Mustaches have a variety of beards on Amazon and at an affordable price. This philosopher’s fake beard is available from $11 on Amazon. Check it out here.

Kozatskivusa Realistic Fake Beard

This beard company poses a lot of problems to customers in terms of pronunciation, that doesn’t change the fact that they make some of the best fake beards. Kozatskivusa’s realistic fake beard is made from human hair and fully handmade.

If you are a fan of the brown hair, don’t look elsewhere because this one is perfect for you. It can be styled with iron and water, it is hard to detect that it isn’t real because its texture is exactly like your normal hair.

Unlike the two previous beard types on this list, it is attached to the skin with spirit gum and removed with alcohol. This beard can be reused many times, you don’t need to worry about extra cost or maintenance.

If you want to use it for a very long time, it is recommended to clean off adhesive after every use. Check it out on Amazon here.

Jacobson hat company fake Beard

From mustache and beards to Goatee, Jacobson’s company specializes in a lot of facial hair products. Jacobson Beard comes in different colors, shapes, and styles. It is great for Halloween, School play, and theatrical performance. Like natural hair, it can be easily trimmed to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a Father Christmas beard, Jacobson hat company white beard is the best for you. You can sport it as a disguise. A beard should be comfortable, the synthetic material their beard is made from fits that bill. It is comfortable and doesn’t itch. If you want a full Halloween or Viking costume, take a stroll to Amazon and get one of Jacobson’s full beard kit with just $9.

Check out how to buy the beard on Amazon.

Trapper Black Fake Beard

Trapper black fake beard is also a product from beard company”mustaches”. This fake beard is attached by means of a special 3M medical plaster to the side of the chin. It comes in a trio of mustache, beard, and eyebrows.

The good news is that it holds for several hours after attaching it to dry and well-shaved skin.

It may not be appealing to those who hate the thickness of fur, which happens to be the material it is made from. Apart from this, it is suitable for all adults and is handmade. Check for Trapper Fake Beard to get yours.

I bought the fake beard, mustache and eyebrows for a Halloween costume and it worked out amazingly well! I wore the set for about 12 hours but I definitely would have stuck on longer. The company also includes instructions on what type of tape to buy to make the set reusable. The only issue I had was that it’s a bit difficult to eat with but that might be because I’ve never had a beard and mustache before. Overall it looked amazing and I plan on using it again!

Century Novelty Pirate Beard

Do you secretly admire the jack sparrow beard or captain hooks? If that is the case, you don’t need to go far, all you need is available in just one piece.

The century novelty beard gives you the exact resemblance of a pirate. This one is great for disguise.

Imagine you have one of this pinned around your chin while walking around the street at night, people will flee for their life on sighting you.

You can give it a try, but don’t blame me if the police grab you for causing tension among the people. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Century novelty produces a variety of beard and mustache for different occasions. Either as costume or disguise, their beards fits the purpose.

With an elastic band used, their beards are easy to attach. Do you want a black, brown, or white Beard? Not to worry, century novelty has all in store for you.

Check here to buy Century Novelty Pirate Beard

Abraham Lincoln Beard

Is a beard the only missing piece from your Abraham Lincoln Halloween costume? Hmm… you’re right to be worried. The beard may just be a piece but it is the most important.

Without the beard you won’t look like Abraham Lincoln, you’re just a guy in a suit.

Everyone loves a Hero, we adore them. Abraham Lincoln is a name recognized globally, not because he was a former American president, but vastly for the role, he played in bringing Democracy to Limelight.

Come on!…who wouldn’t want to be a guy like that or look like him for just a day. The Abraham Lincoln Beard is a unique one and different from others.

I guess you already know this but the question is ‘where will you find the Abraham Lincoln Beard?’. The answer is simple – ‘Amazon’.

Get that signature beard in just one click. You will find a variety of this realistic fake beard on Amazon. Different companies have their own versions.

All that is left is for you to make a choice and like magic, you have Abraham Lincoln standing in front of your mirror.

Most of this Beard available on Amazon comes with a strap used for attaching to the skin. With a host of them available on Amazon, it is important you choose the one that matches the shape you want and at the right volume. Americana has one of the best Abraham Lincoln Beard on Amazon.

Feel free to check them out. You can get the fake beard here.

Napoleon III imperial beard and mustache

From  Lincoln to imperial, Beard styles are getting more complicated. It seems to be a signature for some men. Do you think Abraham Lincoln’s is complicated? The Napoleon III imperial will leave you speechless.

Most time it is confused with an imperial, but they are two different unique beard styles. Secondly, Don’t make the mistake of attributing it to Napoleon Hills.

You will be getting it all wrong. They may have similar names but aren’t related. Napoleon Hills had no Beard.

The Napoleon III imperial is more like a mustache than a beard. It combines both chin hair and a mustache. The chin hair extends past the lower chin to form a long straight hair which extends to the neck region.

The mustache at the top is styled like the imperial. What differentiates the Imperial from Napoleon III is the chin hair.

It is hard to find this beard on people because it seems old and outdated, but if you want to reminisce about the good old days, the Beard is on Amazon for as low as $10.

The one I stumbled on is sold by ‘mustaches’ the manufacturers weren’t mentioned. Nevertheless, You will love how it looks on your face.

It is small, portable, and handmade. It is self-adhesive and made of fur. You can attach to your face with the help of a medical plaster or two-sided sticky tape. Get your Napoleon III imperial on Amazon.

Deluxe fake Mustaches and Beard

The Deluxe beard is a bulky beard that covers half of your face from the upper lips down to the chin. It is heavy at the side and the chin. It has the look of an Arab man’s Beard.

Deluxe prospector black is manufactured by pams. Like most fake beards, you can trim, style and run your comb through, Gum and plasters are the best for pinning it around your cheeks.

Don’t be deceived by its bulkiness, it is actually light and comfortable for your face. It sticks for hours, you don’t need to bother about it coming off when you least expect.

If you need a beard for a party or any type of celebration, take this along with you. No beard will give you a sense of masculinity like this one.

The bigger your beards, the more authority, and respect it commands. Spice your dressing with this last piece, You will be pleased with the attention it will get you.

You can buy the Deluxe fake beard here.

Fake Long Ducktail Beard

We’ve seen a lot of these in Shaolin movies. Buddhist monks are the keen users of this. Most people who rock this type of beard are often Bald. While it seems perfect for a Baldhead, there is no harm trying it on a hairy head.

This is the costume used in many ancient Asian movies like the Shaolin Temple, Empress Ki, once upon a time in China, and lots more. Now you know those Beards aren’t real and the long braided hairs aren’t real either.

Unfortunately, the hair isn’t a subject for discussion for now.

Away from the movie stories, The ducktail beard is available on Amazon, ‘Mustaches’ is still the distributor of this one.

They’ve really made a name for themselves in the ‘Fake Beard’ business.

The ducktail beard comes in different sizes and length, it all depends on the one that suits your needs.

It is handmade and also self-adhesive. It is hard to find fake beards made from natural hair, the ducktail isn’t any different.

It is made from fur, a hairlike material but a little thicker.

There you have it, Now you have a variety of Realistic Fake on Amazon to choose from, the Ball is now in your court.

I trust you will make the right call. You can get the Fake Long Duck-tail Beard here.

How to make your own realistic fake beard at home 

It is easy to create a realistic fake beard at home. If you have the required materials, making a realistic fake beard is no big deal and will not take your time.

My younger brothers made theirs when they wanted to prank a friend using an Abraham Lincoln type of beard. Other people use fake realistic beards for cosplay, dress-up, or a play.

It is even a skill you will know forever once you learn how to create it now.

And maybe you can even create a business from skillfully creating a fake realistic beard for others. The steps I’m about to show you are 100% practical.

Knowing how to create a simple false beard can help you in your dressing or costume in a particular play. It only takes some techniques.

In this section, I’m going to show you how I made my false long beard using wool roving.

So far, I’ve been able to teach my junior brothers and some of my colleagues and they really love the process. I will share images where needed.

Materials needed in making wool roving long beards

  • Felt piece 
  • Wool roving
  • Scissors
  • Thread of matching colours
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue
  • Thin elastic
  • tapestry needle 

Making a realistic fake bread in simple steps

So it is time to begin. Make sure your materials are in abundance and all available. Since it is likely to be your first time making a fake realistic beard, it is okay to make mistakes.

But the good thing is that these steps are comprehensive and always here for you to check if you missed any step. Let’s begin.

Getting the perfect shape of a beard

This is the first piece to put together when making a false beard. You don’t want to make an oversized facial hair which will look really obvious as a fake one.

Cut a 3 by 4-inch (7.6 to 10-cm) piece out of felting for the base of your beard. You can use a trapezoid or oval shape.

It is not necessary to get the exact shape, another important thing is to use a befitting colour of wool with the wool roving.

After doing that, you want to get a shape around your mouth. Cut an almond-shaped hole in the felt and place it against your face. Try to locate the hole with your mouth to see if it fits in.

To get the best shape, use a pencil to outline the shape of your mouth on the felt. This way, it will be easier to cut out the marked portion. Make sure the hole you create allows room for your upper and lower lip.

The top corners of the shape should be trimmed off so that they follow the curve of your mouth and cheeks better.

Getting a desired length from the wool roving 

It is time to use your wool roving to make a rope. A Wool roving is a type of wool that has not been twisted into yarn yet.

Make equal thinner ropes from it by pulling it apart into 15 to 25-cm size of lengths. If you cut the wool roving, you will get a sharp end. And that will not appear natural to other people.

CLICK  HERE to get a quality wool roving that is suitable for making fake realistic bears. Now, follow these next steps:

  • Make the bottom of the mouth opening placed against the thin weft of roving 
  • Gather a 1-inch (2.5-cm) wide piece of wool roving, and place the last 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) under the almond mouth opening. 
  • You want to cover the mouth and make sure the last 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) is pointing down so you make the longer part of the wool point upward. 
  • Continue doing this until all the bottom edge of the mouth is no longer visible. 
  • The seam will be hidden after seeing it when you flip the longer part of the wool down. 

Sewing the wool roving down

When sewing, make sure the thread you are using correlates with the colour of the wool you are using. Sewing should begin from the bottom-left corner of the mouth down to the bottom-right corner. At this end, you can backstitch it to prevent the thread from loosening when pulling pressure is applied.

Sewing across the top edge will jeopardize the whole thing. But make sure your sewing is as close to the bottom edge of the mouth as possible.

After sewing, you may see some handling threads around the sown area. Cut them off neatly using scissors. By now, the 1/2-inch (1.3-cm) part of the wool roving that you sewed down should be hidden.

Creating the mustache 

To make the beard and mustache more realistic, we will need to make it cinch in the middle and poof out.

So the first thing is to  Pull off a length of wool roving for the mustache. I’ll prefer to make this really long. But the length is absolutely your choice. Wrap a piece of thread around the middle of the wool roving. And make sure the thread matches with the roving. Then the trees should be tied tightly to a knot. 

Use hot glue to make the mustache attached with the top of the felt piece, then press the roving into the glue.

Glue the rest of the beard downwards and make sure everything tied is at the center.

There you have it. Your false long beard using wool roving fully made in just a few easy steps. To make the false beards attached to the face, you can use an elastic that will run through the felt piece and slip it down.

If you have any further questions as to how to make false beards at home, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can Fake Beard Be Like Real Ones?

No matter the materials use and how well you design or decorate the fake beard bought on Amazon, making it seem like the real beard is a feat that can’t be achieved. You can get a fake beard with a color that seems like that of a real one but the texture test can’t be passed.

Can I Make My Own Fake Beard At Home?

Yes, you can make your fake beard at home with access to the right resources or materials.

What Not To Do When Cleaning Fake Beard?

  • Don’t use anything asides from alcohol! Using acetone and other strong cleaners can get the lace and hair damaged.
  • Make sure the beard sits in the alcohol for long instead of a few seconds.
  • Soak the entire piece.

Conclusion on Realistic Fake Beards

Here you have read on the list of realistic fake beards, reviews of each of them, the pros and cons of all fake beards reviewed, and many others.

With all, you have read here you should be able to decide what a fake beard is, recommend or know which to buy and provide answers to possible questions you might be asked.

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