Best Braun Cordless Hair Dryers – Buyer’s Guide 2020

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

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Have you ever heard of Braun cordless hair dryers?

Generally,  one essential piece of hairstyling for many men and any woman is A Hairdryer.

Apart for drying your hair much faster than air-drying alone, they also help in increasing shine, adding volume and body to the hair, reduce Frizz, as well as being a rudiment for creating many different hairstyles.

Let’s now introduce the cordless feature of hair dryers. As you probably know, Blow dryers consume a lot of power so normally they are corded appliances, meanwhile this is not always convenient. If the available power socket is not placed in a convenient position, you may not find it comfortable using a corded appliance. Hence, there may be a need to dry your hair without a source of power from time to time, a cordless hairdryer would be a great solution for you.

Which is the best cordless hairdryer? Read this article and find out! 

This brings us to a particular product we shall be discussing in this article. Just as the name suggests, Braun cordless hair dryers are hair dryers that do not come with a cord, and so we do not have to plug it in to use them.

We can also call this type of hair dryer a  battery-powered hair dryer simply because the main source of power comes from a rechargeable battery that is either built-in or removable (in most cases, they could be in-built)

This particular product of hair dryers is great for people who want mobility and flexibility when using, a hairdryer.

Therefore, Braun cordless Hairdryer is an excellent product for travellers, who don’t want to stuff their baggage or may need to use different voltages without the unnecessary weight of adapters.

They are great for campers, who may not always have access to a convenient power outlet as well. Or, if we want to go generally; for all the people with short hair, who don’t require that much power and would like to use a cordless rechargeable hair dryer wherever they want.

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Why should you pick a Braun hair dryer?

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

Aren’t there a plethora of other Hairdryer products in the market? Why Braun?

Well, there certainly are many benefits of rechargeable cordless hair dryers. This article is purely and entirely based on reviews from real people as well as ‘tested and trusted’

Apart from the cordless feature that you can get in other products, Here are some of the most important ones that will make you understand why you should always choose Braun battery-operated hairdryer.

Easy to use and lightweight

Without mincing words, Braun Cordless hair dryers can weigh from 0.8 to 1.2 pounds. They are straightforward to use.  Many of them are fordable as well; so you won’t have problems putting them in your baggage.
Minimal features, thanks to which you can adjust the flow as well as the temperature.


Take for example the Braun HD710 Satin Hair Cordless rechargeable hair dryers which use up around 2200 watts, which is less comparatively and you don’t have to use it while it’s connected to power this results in lower exposure to EMF radiation. This poses some extent of safety unlike some other cordless hair dryers.

It is portable

As it is lightweight it will not cause arm pain as well. Moreover, there’s no need for you to be in a tiny humid bathroom right after you’ve had a shower to style our hair.

You can be near the mirror,  or you can be multi-tasking like reading our emails while you’re are drying our hair.

Suitable for Travelling/Camping

With all Braun Cordless Hair Dryers, A power outlet is not a necessity anymore.  Trust me, these products I’m about to dish out to you in this article today are a truly magnificent solution for your travelling adventures.

You also do not need a special dual-voltage hair dryer, since you don’t have to be connected to the power outlet.

How to pick the best Braun battery-operated hair dryer

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There are a few key things that should be taken into consideration whenever it comes to choosing the Braun best battery operated hair dryer. This is where a lot of buyers have missed it.

Factors like running time, charging time, power, as well as dryer attachments in case you want to style your hair using them. Let us help you choose the best Braun cordless hairdryer with these useful tips.


The Braun models we have here sure has super-duper battery sustainability. But for customers awareness, The battery size will be determined according to the power as well as the weight of the hairdryer.

You will need a higher power If styling your hair requires more heat, as well as faster drying. For people who have fine hair or short hair, and there is not much time to style it the way you really want then a lower power should be put into consideration. Typical power usage is around 400 watts.

Dryer attachments

There are many kinds of attachments available when it comes to Braun product. For instance, a diffuser spreads out the air as well as the heat over a wider area, thus allowing you to obtain bounce, curls, and volume in your hair. On the other hand, a concentrator focuses the air as well as the heat in a single place, and it is therefore used to smooth down frizz and straighten your hair.

The duration of Charge

There are two options placed before you When it comes to charging. You can choose to get a wireless hair dryer with a fast charging option, or you can use replaceable batteries as well.

Hence, you can simply replace the battery and charge it up, all that while the other battery is in use. The usual charging time for most of these Braun hair dryers is approximately 3 hours. Which is actually fine. As long as it takes you a long time to use.

More of the features when it comes to choosing the right Braun Cordless Hair dryer for your hair will be disclosed later in this article. For now, let’s dive into the main reason why we are here. I’m about to show you the best five Braun Cordless Hair dryers that work perfectly fine. You don’t need to look any further if you’ve been searching for the best cordless hair dryer online.

Now, regardless of how equipped your arsenal is with curling wands or straighteners, you need to have a quality blow dryer in the mix as well.

It dries hair quickly, can tamp down frizz better than any styling product, and depending on your dexterity, can also help straighten or curl your hair.

However, to find a good hair dryer these days may seem so daunting and different brands included what is not in their features — especially with all the beauty buzzwords surrounding it.

If you’re searching for a new cordless hair dryer, you’re likely running into words like “ionic,” “infrared,” and “tourmaline,” and you may be wondering if you’re participating in a scientific discovery rather than finding a simple beauty tool that’ll just dry your hair in a few minutes. Do not worry, I’ll put you through in this guide. Have you heard of Braun Cordless Hair dryers?. Through extensive research and reviews from real people, I’ve been able to put together the best cordless hair dryers you will ever need from Braun.

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Our list of Braun Cordless Hair dryers

Best hair dryer, cordless hair dryer walmart, best cordless hair dryer 2020, cordless hair dryer amazon, best cordless hair dryer 2020, cordless hair dryer argos, best cordless hair dryer uk, scnvo cordless hair dryer, evertop cordless hair dryer,

The hunt for the best hair dryers that can solve all our hair problems is always a tough one. After all, this is a device that most of us use every day – to dry our hair and to tame frizziness and create much-needed volume.

Before you throw up your hands in frustration, I’ve picked out five of our favourite cordless hair dryers from Braun so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.

To help you to find the best cordless hair dryer according to your needs and budget, we have a list of the best-reviewed hair dryers in one article. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option, or you’re ready to splurge to achieve some luscious locks, we certainly have recommendations for hair dryers for all budgets and needs right in this five.

1. Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryers – The power of fast and effortless beauty

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

About product

the Braun Satin Hair 5 PowerPerfection HD580 is arguably the most powerful and possibly fastest hair dryer on this list! And that is why it appears as the number one among others.

It is so powerful and you won’t believe how compact and light it is. With the 2500 Watts of the Braun Satin Hair 5 PowerPerfection dryer you now have all the power in your hand to dry your hair thoroughly, simply and, most of all, quickly.

You have the flexibility of three temperature and two airflow settings to suit whatever style you’re going for, and then a Cold Shot mode to set it in place. It also utilizes ionic technology to help you achieve silky locks, faster. An infrared heating system ensures efficient and fast drying.

Reasons to buy

The Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryers offer an amazing combination of weight and power. The lightweight and compact design make 360° use easy and ergonomic, so you won’t miss any spots anymore. Save time and wait for less: You will literally be blown away by how fast hair drying can be with a powerful Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer. Moving from wet to moist to wow truly becomes a breeze.

The Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer features an ionic function. Millions of active ions combat the static that occurs with conventional dryers. You get more even hair for visibly more shine, strand by strand. With this product, you can now Infuse your hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz.

In addition, it is Fast and easy to dry for effortless results. While it Maintains Even heat distribution prevents dry-out and ensures fast drying, an Infrared heating system for efficient and fast drying is assured.


  • Move faster from wet to wow.
  • The lighter way to dry hair
  • 3 heat and 2 airflow settings for drying and styling flexibility.
  • Compact design, for easy 360° use.


  • Unlike most hair dryers, the turbo shot button here is missing.
  • Some may find the diffuser to be huge.
  • I wish there were three airflow settings, again like my Remington one.

Do you want to achieve a fast and effortless blow-dry at home? I recommend using the new Braun Satin Hair 5 dryer from the PowerPerfection range as its lightweight design takes the hassle out of drying but still delivers powerful and quick results.


2. Braun HD710 Satin Hair 7 Powerful Ionic Healthy Styling Hair Dryer 2200 Watts – Special removable filter mesh

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

About product

Millions of active ions combat the static that occurs with conventional dryers. With a Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC dryer, you get more even hair for visibly more shine, strand by strand. The  IONTEC Infuses your hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz.

The provision of Professional nozzle Prevents dry out and ensures fast drying. Infrared heat system For efficient and fast drying. 6 temperature/airflow combinations For maximum drying & styling flexibility. Possesses a Special removable filter mesh For easy cleaning & protection from hair breakage. The Wattage is 2200

It is a Unique dryer design with a 20º angle
Prevents filter blockage to avoid overheating. Has a Hanging loop For easy storage.

Reasons to buy

The Satin Hair 7 IONTEC dryer features the unique Satin Protect system which consists of a simple push of a button limits the temperature at 70 °C whilst keeping the same powerful airflow. This guarantees 100% protection against overheating and hair damage


  • Satin Protect designed for 100% damage-free drying
  • Professional nozzle For precise and accurate styling.
  • Locks the style with a push of a button.


  • 220 Volts Not for Use in the USA


3. Braun Satin Hair 5 Hair Dryer with Ionic Function, 2500 Watt – HD585 – Prevents dry-out and ensures fast drying

About product

You will be shocked by how compact and light it is. With the 2500 Watts of the Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer you now have all the power in your hand to dry your hair thoroughly, simply and, most of all, quickly.

Reasons to buy

The lightweight and compact design make 360° use easy and ergonomic, so you won’t miss any spots anymore. The 2500 Watts Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfection dryer offers an amazing combination of weight and power. A Compact Design for easy 360° use. Its Fast And Easy Drying For effortless results.

Prevents dry-out and ensures fast drying. An Infrared Heating System For efficient and fast drying. Finally, a 3 Heat And 2 Airflow Setting: For drying and styling flexibility.


  • Ultra-Powerful Dryer
  • Perfect Ionic Function
  • Ergonomic Design
  • lightweight


  • No Temperature Display
  • Speed Settings is Unidentified


4. Braun HD 780 Satin Hair 7 Professional SensoDryer Holiday Edition – Advanced heat control

About product

The built-in sensor measures temperature 600 times a minute so the dryer immediately adjusts to the optimum temperature level. This prevents the dryer from overheating and protects your hair from damage.

Braun Satin Hair 7 HD 780 SensoDryer (220V Not for use in the USA) with Thermo Sensor Professional AC motor and Professional fan system. IONTEC technology – Releases millions of active IONs to boost shine combat frizz smooth hair. Holiday Edition (Includes Professional styling set)

Reasons to buy

I love this product because it Lasts five times longer than conventional motors and maintains peak performance longer. The Thermo Sensor – Feels air and adapts temperature for maximum heat control. Also, the presence of a Professional AC motor/Professional fan system ensures its best.

The built-in cooling system Keeps the surface cool and allows new holding positions for more convenience. The professional nozzle is especially slim and more focused than ever giving you unprecedented styling precision and salon results

It also Prevents dry out and ensures fast drying. An Infra-red heat system has been put in place for efficient and fast drying. Not only this, 10 temperature/airflow settings For drying and styling flexibility.  Braun HD 780 Ensures optimum temperatures to ensure hair color lasts longer as Two fixed cold-shot buttons Produce colder air than conventional dryers for improved style locking.

Finally is a Removable filter For easy cleaning.


  • Thermo sensor for active temperature control
  • Professional AC motor
  • Professional fan system
  • Even heat distribution


  • 220V Not for use in the USA


5. Braun HD330 220 Volt SatinHair 3 Hair Blower Dryer 220V (Nor For Use in USA) – efficient drying and premium protection

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

About product

The Braun Satin Hair 3 Dryer makes sure that your hair is protected during styling. With its 1700 Watt, Braun Satin Hair 3 Dryer is the ideal tool for efficient drying and premium protection.

Choose the model HD 330 for voluminous, curly hair, or HD 310 for all hair types. With its optimum heat distribution, anti overheating, and anti-hair breakage features,

Reasons to buy

One amazing feature is that it Prevents hair from getting entangled to avoid hair breakage. Create wonderful looks and styling results with shiny, healthy-looking hair with its ergonomic design, the Satin Hair 3 Dryer is easy and convenient to handle at any angle.

The provision of a Unique 20° filter angle  Prevents filter blockage to avoid overheating. Also, the Optimal calibrated fan technology Ensures even heat distribution. Brain HD330 is Specifically designed mesh filter (removable)


  • Ergonomic design for convenient usage
  • DrySafe
  • 3 Heat/airflow settings available
  • Cold shot
  • Wattage 1700


  • Not for use in USA or Canada


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6. Braun HD 530 Satin Hair Dryer (220V Not for Use in the USA)

Product description

The Braun HD 530 satin hair dryer is designed to tame frizz and static hair for natural smoothness and shine.

It as well prevents the filter blockage to avoid overheating. The optimal fan technology prevents overheating as well as ensure even heat distribution.

And of course, it has a specifically designed mesh filter that prevents hair from getting entangled to avoid hair breakage. The item weight is about 1.68 pounds and the dimension of the product is 9.7 by 10.6 by 4.1 inches.

Key features

  • 220V not for use in the USA
  • Anti-static drying
  • Unique 20-degree filter angle
  • Optimal calibrated fan technology
  • Specifically, designed mesh filter and dry safe technology


  • The filter blockage helps to prevent overheating
  • The optimal calibrated technology helps to ensure even distribution of heat
  • The specially signed mesh filter prevents hair from getting entangled to avoid hair breakage
  • The dry safe feature optimally synchronizes heat distribution airflow and drying speed at each setting to ensure a gentle yet efficient drying temperature


There is a product use limitation since it is not for use in the USA hence it makes people in the USA who like this product unable to buy it.



8. Theo Klein 5867- Braun Satin Hair 7 Hairdryer with Free Brush

Product description

The Theo Klein 5867 Braun Satin hairdryer is designed by Theo Klein with the Braun license and comes with a free brush.

What’s in the Package

  • Hairdryer
  • Brush
  • Attachable diffuser

Key features

  • Product with Braun license
  • Designed in the original Braun style
  • Attachable diffuser
  • Battery operated (Mignon)
  • The weight is 10.6 ounces


  • The product is manufactured with the Braun License and this makes it authentic
  • The Braun beauty set hairdryer is battery operated
  • The hairdryer also comes with a real air blowing function and attachable diffuser
  • It is very easy to learn how to use the Braun hairdryer
  • It is very safe because no heating up occurs during the process of using it
  • it can be used for children from 3 years of age


The battery is not included in the delivery of the product


10 Frequently Asked Questions on Braun Hair Dryer

1. Do the Hairdryers overheat?

The answer to this question is obviously, No because the Braun hair dryers are designed especially with a cooling system that enables it to control overheating.

2. Are the Braun Hair Dryers Anti-frizz

The Braun hair dryers come with a special IONTEC technology that enables the circulation of negative ions that helps hairs that are prone to frizz remain detangled. Hence the hairdryers are anti-frizz and recommended for people whose hair frizzes.

3. Do Products Work in the USA?

This product operated with 220V, if you will use it in somewhere that has 220V electric outlet, then no problem.

But if you want to use it in Canada and the USA then you need to have a voltage step-up transformer: (Around 2500W power-converts your outlets 110V electricity to 220V to operate the dryer at 220V) a voltage transformer is not a plug adapter; it is as big as this item.

4. Does the product have a cooling system?

Yes, a cooling system is put in place in the hair dryers that will enable cooling to take place after heating thereby balancing the temperature.

If the cooling system is not put in place then the hairdryer will undergo overheating because there is no cooling system to help in the cooling process after heating up.

5. Is there a cord on the dryers?

Most of the Braun hair dryers listed above are cordless which ensures free movement while using the dryer thereby increasing its efficiency and flexibility.

6. Does the product use battery?

Yes, some of the products listed above make use of batteries which are rechargeable and lasts for some minutes to hours after charging.

7. Do the hair dryers have a thermo-sensor system?

Yes, most of the hair dryers listed above have a thermo-sensor system that feels the environment detects the current temperature of the environment and adjusts the temperature of the dryer to match with that of the environment.

8. What is the work of the professional nozzle styling?

The professional nozzle styling is put in place to enable adequate styling of the hair after trying.

9. Why is there a heat control system?

The heat control system helps to control the amount of heat released during the drying of the hair. This is because the release of too much heat during drying will damage the hair, hence there is a need for control

10. Why is there a hot and cold blower in the dryers?

The hot and cold air blowers will allow you to mix up the temperatures when drying your hair.

Why are Braun Cordless Hair dryers so important?

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

Before delving into this article I asked you one simple question: Have you ever heard of Braun cordless hairdryer?

A reviewer said, “it is one of the most essential tools a modern man can own”.

Blow drying with Braun dryers helps to pre-mold your hair into a style. It plays a part in every haircut service we provide at Murdock as it effectively takes the moisture out of hair, causing less frizz and creates a natural overall body and shape to style away at.

A good Braun hair dryer will definitely make the top of your wishlist if you’re want to go on a professional levels of DIY hair styling at home

If you feel you may need further convincing, or indeed have come to this article hairdryer in hand but without a clue on what to do with it, read our ultimate guide on HOW TO USE  A HAIRDRYER  to not only learn how to use one, but absorb every benefit you will gain from introducing a good blow-dry to your morning routine.

Tips on How to use a Braun hair dryer at home

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

A favourite quote of mine reads that “if the purpose of s thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable”. So far, for newbies, I’ve been able to explain what a cordless hair dryer is and how it is important that you have one. I’ve also recommended the best product on the market so far.

Now here is the simplest tip on how to use any Braun Cordless Hair dryer for an effective result on your hair.

  1. If you are looking to use a Braun hair dryer in the most effective way, consider Blow drying your  hair when it’s still damp and ensure that the  direct airflow matches the direction of your hair’s growth
  2.  Secondly, it’s not enough to use any Nozzle/attachments. Make use of one’s that fits on the end of your hair dryer. That way, the airflow will be move in a correct direction rather than blasting over a wider radius than required and making a mess. Moreover, people with curly hair may not need to use a nozzle. Simply hold the dryer further away from your head to best prevent frizziness.
  3. Most importantly, remember to keep your hair dryer in frequent motion so that you don’t burn any hairs or indeed your scalp – nobody wants that! Equal distribution of air and heat will always offer the best results.

Now, it’s assured that You’ll come across a lot of different terminologies when it comes to the searching for Braun hair dryers online. The trick is to know which ones are legit, which are marketing buzzwords, and which are up for debate when it comes to effective hair styling. I’ll try to explain some that I came across in my research.

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Common terms of Hairdryers

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

Having that in mind, here are some terms that are helpful to know along with all the things you should really be looking for in a hair dryer that goes beyond the catchphrase on the packaging.

An ionic hair dryer shoots out negative ions that break up the positive ions in water more quickly, preventing frizz and speeding up drying time.

Words like “conditioning beads” and “silk proteins” that claim to be housed in the barrel of some dryers? Some things really are too good to be true. The more outrageous the terms, the more likely they are to be marketing hype.

Ceramic and porcelain dryers are designed to do the same, but these materials can also result in more even heating for a more consistent temperature to protect your hair from damage.

An “infrared,” hair dryer it means that it uses long energy wavelengths to penetrate the hair deeply, making for a faster drying time compared to non-infrared dryers.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that produces negative ions when heated. It’s normally used to coat the interior of a hair dryer barrel or grills. This one is potentially tricky — Wirecutter found little difference in their tester’s hair when testing hair dryers that claimed to be “ionic.” However, some hairstylists swear by this feature, saying that an ionic dryer does reduce frizz and even makes the hair shinier.

The significant features in any Braun cordless hair dryer

Braun Cordless Hair dryers — reviews and Buyer's guide 2020

Let’s put aside all the mumbo-jumbo, there are features that you’ll want in a normal hair dryer, especially if you plan on using it often. If you are planning to get any Braun Hairdryer here are the three things to look out for (I’ve mentions some earlier in this article)

High wattage

A higher wattage motor will have more power and can cut down on the time that you’re exposing your hair to heat, which can be damaging over time. That being said, most hair dryers hover around 1,875 watts, so this is a good ballpark number.

Heat settings versus Multiple speed

While not a necessity, Braun hair dryer also has a cool air feature that gives it a plus, as it helps seal your hair cuticle once your hair is dry, giving your desired style a smooth finish.

These are a must because they’ll give you more control over the style of your hair as well as help to protect your hair from heat damage (though you should definitely use a heat protectant every time you use a heat tool).

Design and weight

You want a dryer that’s comfortable to hold, avoiding awkwardly placed buttons if possible. A lightweight dryer is best — especially if you have thick hair that may take a little more time to dry. And to this effect I’ve recommended Braun Satin Hair 5 Hair Dryer with Ionic Function, 2500 Watt – HD585 for this particular feature in this article.

No one wants to feel like they’ve just gotten done with a strength training routine after blow-drying their hair.


As with any product that you’re paying a little more for, a hair dryer with a good warranty will provide you with peace of mind that if something breaks. The manufacturer will be able to fix the issue, or if the brand is really nice, even replace lost or broken attachments. Once you find your favourite Braun hair dryer here, you’ll definitely want to be able to use it for as long as possible.

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Wrapping up on Braun Cordless Hair dryers

Don’t go at your hair aggressively by default – the slow speed setting is available on Braun Cordless Hair dryers for good reason and offers you more time to achieve that desired style.

The frenzy of finding the right hair dryer may make the price of beauty look like an enemy, but with this article, I hope to have done justice to any research you will need on Braun Hair dryers. After combing through tons of reviews, I’ve been able to combine five notable Braun Cordless hair dryers that stand apart from the rest, so you can choose the hair dryer that best fits your needs and budget.

As I dash off now, I hope you enjoyed every bit of this article and find it informative. Now you’ve found the best Braun Cordless Hair dryer. If you’ve got any questions, I’m dashing off to the comment section to attend to you almost immediately.

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